Wednesday, June 12, 2013


REDKEN just launched it's first silicone-free hair oil treatment -  DIAMOND OIL Shatterproof Shine & DIAMOND OIL Shatterproof Shine Intense.

Discover shatterproof strength & multi-faceted SHINE for:
3x stronger hair
2x shinier hair
3x more conditioning
3x less hair breakage

The REDKEN DIAMOND OIL Shatterproof Shine is suitable for normal to fine hair & DIAMOND OIL Shatterproof Shine Intense is suitable for coarse hair.

That's all for now and I'll share with you more about the REDKEN DIAMOND OIL in my coming blog post. Good night!

Monday, June 10, 2013

My New Favourite Crocs Beach Line Boat Shoe

Being a big fan of Crocs shoes, I'm always looking forward to their new collections. This summer Crocs is once again bring to us the go-to-beach shoe for the whole family! Yay! Let's be free and be bold with Crocs!
This is my new the Crocs Beach Line Boat Shoe (Aqua/Yellow). 
It is one of the collection from Crocs Beach Line Collection that featuring a sipped rubber outsole for extra grip and traction. The Crocs Beach Line Collection features the unbeatable comfort of Croslite material. With the fully molded Croslite material, we can enjoy the lightweight cushioning in this shoe.
The Crocs Beach Line Boat Shoe(RM249) comes in a range of vibrant colors and they are suitable for whatever occasion. Remember I was having a diffuculties to choose with pair of the
Crocs Beach Line Boat Shoe to buy. I even posted on my FB and Instagram seeking for opinions which pair of Crocs Beach Line Boat Shoe to buy. 
 Aqua/Yellow or Nautical Navy / Fuchsia?
 At last, I chose the Crocs Beach Line Boat Shoe (Aqua/Yellow). ^-^
May and June are my traveling months and the Crocs Beach Line Boat Shoe (Aqua/Yellow) are with me to few places. This was my instagram photo (added with effect) I took at airport while waiting for my flight to KK for Borneo Internation Marathon (the unofficial run).
 I like its light and nautical look. I was wearing the Crocs Beach Line Boat Shoe (Aqua/Yellow) walked around the Kota Kinabalu City. 
Took a 5 minutes walk from the bus stop to go to the  Muzium Sabah.
Next, the Crocs Beach Line Boat Shoe (Aqua/Yellow) followed me to the Koh Lipe Island, Thailand. Blue sea, sky and beaches!
 The lightweight material make it easy for me to bring it for my trip.
 Next, it was with me to my #SouthNorthJourney (Singapore-Johor-Penang) trip.
Stylish and comfortable for my trips. :)
Looking for my next trip with my
Crocs Beach Line Boat Shoe (Aqua/Yellow)!

For more info visit:

Thursday, June 6, 2013

*Brown* The Samsung Galaxy Note II Amber Brown

Morning! I just back from my #SNJourney and today I gotto get back to work. I'm feeling "Brown"! I need to have brown coffee and brown bread to start my morning.
I remember I have read some interesting description about having a personality color brown.  A personality color brown means you are honest, down-to-earth and wholesome, salt of the earth people with both feet planted firmly on the ground. :)
I can't have the yummy chocolate brown ice cream in the morning or else I'll be having stomach. After the 6D5N traveling KL-Sg-Segamat-Penang-KL, I'm feeling exhausted! I really need my favourite brown ice cream to give me a boost for today to complete my task and work. Like mention in the article, with a personality of brown, a keen sense of duty and responsibility. 

Not only that, "Brown" also a steady and reliable just like the  Samsung Galaxy Note II Amber Brown!
If you like brown, the reliable, steady and elegant Samsung Galaxy Note II Amber Brown is the phone for you! Amber brown The Samsung Galaxy Note II is suitable for all. male & female users!
The Samsung GALAXY Note II Amber Brown has the same specifications as the Samsung GALAXY Note II and you can find out more HERE
FYI, The amsung GALAXY Note II Amber Brown is a limited edition, therefore,  hurry visit your nearest Samsung outlets! This classy phone is selling at RM 2299.

Lastly, let's watch this cute video! ^-^