Thursday, March 17, 2016

Norahs ran UEM Charity Run 2016

The UEM Charity Run, this was the race I wanted to DNS from the beginning but I still went to it (the decision was made last night before I attended KPAC dinner).
The parking was a big issue. There was no parking near the start line. I had to park very far and walked to the start line. I walked about 2km (power walking) to the start line. It became my warm-up before the race. Most of my running buddies sign-up for 21km and a few of them joined 12km race. I was the only one went for the shortest distance race.
Photo from TeckWai
I was glad that I didn't sign-up for 21 as I was struggling to maintain my pace below 5mins for such a shory distance race. My body and legs felt heavy. I didn't give up and I tried my best to go forward. Yes, I tried my best and finally crossed the finish line!
This was not my best 6km race but I already tried my best. :) Glad that I did not DNS and I went for it. I hope I'll back to training very soon. Haze, please go away!


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