Monday, September 8, 2014

Nu Teen 《同学会 The Gathering》 电影首映

在8月31日国庆日那天,我和几名读者一同出席了Nu Teen 《同学会 The Gathering》 电影首映。 我们与东于哲在时代广场的GSC重温那些年的校园甜蜜回忆
 一大清早,我就看见东于哲的粉丝们穿上学校制服来到时代广场的GSC等待《同学会 The Gathering》 电影首映的开始。

《同学会》是一部叙述中学时期发生在太平的恋爱故事。导演把太平湖拍得很美,真的很优美!当然电影里的故事情节也很感人,演员们如东于哲,周周等人也演出感人。这可是一部不错的大马青春电影!看了《同学会 The Gathering》, 我有一股想去游太平湖和吃西瓜尖呢!
电影首映后,Nu Teen的首席执行员,Mr. Dwaraka先出来致词。
过后,Nu Teen 特别安排了电影的男女主角和我们见面!
东于哲也在现场和粉丝们示范和分享战痘秘诀!生活或课业上的压力,个人卫生习惯,饮食作息等,都会造成油性,毛孔粗大,黑头及粉刺。导致黑头粉刺是当毛孔被过多油脂堵塞,因氧化而形成白头和黑头。 一旦在空气中感染细菌,导致皮肤发炎将引发痘痘和粉刺的形成。Nu Teen产品中的其中一个主要成分是Thanaka,它能有效消炎,抗痘和控油,正合适现代年轻人肌肤问题。 
一众《同学会 The Gathering》 的演员与Nu Teen的首席执行员,Mr. Dwaraka 来张合照。
辛运的粉丝们还赢得了的Nu Teen产品呢!Nu Teen 《出席你与东于哲独一无二的同学会  重温那些年的校园甜蜜回忆》在一片欢笑中结束!

《同学会 The Gathering》 

  Nu Teen FB:询问电话:03-8737 2122。

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Cherating Turtle Sanctuary, Pahang

I was away for a short vacation at Cherating Beach, Pahang during recent Raya holidays. Cherating Turtle Sanctuary or also known as Pusat Penerangan dan Konservasi Penyu was one of the places I visited in Cherating.
This Cherating Turtle Sanctuary is situated at the Chendor Beach which is also located just beside Club Med Cherating.
It is an unique traditional centre with the objective to help and to ensure the survival of the turtles when they land at Chendor Beach to lay eggs. 
 I was excited to see the adult turtle during this visit. ^-^
There is a turtle hatching program in this centre where the turtles will be kept here until they are old enough to release into the sea.
 Baby turtles.....

Visitors watching the adult and baby turtles swimming around the pools.
There is an exhibition hall and an audio visual room where they showed the information to educate us on the critical importance of conserving and protecting turtles.

This centre is managed by the Malaysian Fisheries Department. It acts as an information centre to educate the public and to promote public awareness to protect these turtles. 
 We were on the beach to release the baby turtles into the sea.
Goodbye my little turtle, have a safe journey back to your home ~sea!
 Stay strong and you will be back here as an adult turtle!
The visiting hours for Cherating Turtle Sanctuary are as blow:
Tuesday - Sunday:  
9.00am - 5.30pm 
Friday : 
9.00am to 12.00pm , 3.00pm to 5.30pm.
Monday: Closed
Admission is free.
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