Saturday, March 30, 2013

L'Oréal Paris Women of Worth (W.O.W) Campaign & Roadshow

Remember my previous blog post for Happy International Women's Day! I had an awesome time for makeover, photo shooting and lunch with Loreal Paris Malaysia team on the International Women's Day. 
This is how Loreal Paris Malaysia celebrate Malaysian women with the Women of Worth (W.O.W) Campaign which kicks off with W.O.W roadshow in conjunction with the International Women's Day.
Paying tribute to Malaysian women and the multiple roles they are able to juggle, Loreal reinforces the message that Malaysian women are worth it in every aspect!
The W.O.W. campaign kicks off with an exclusive roadshow at Setia City Mall, Shah Alam, where me, Jess and Cik Lily Putih were invited to an exclusive makeover and photo shooting.
 Me, Cik Lily Putih and Connie before the makeover session begin. We didn't expect to receive rose on that day. *Surprise*
Makeup and hair makeover begin! Guess what? I want a "Sexy & WILD" look. lol
 The Loreal products used for this my makeover.
 Ta-dah! My new "Sexy & WILD" look. 
In front of the camera...... 
 With Loreal Paris Malaysia team

During the roadshow, women will be able to sample L'Oréal Paris products as well as take party in fun activities specially prepared for them.
 The W.O.W. roadshow will take place at the following locations:
1.) Mid Valley Megamall, 
 LG Centre Court
27th - 31st March 2013 
Purchase L'Oreal Paris products worth more than RM80 to redeem a FREE makeover + a limited edition pouch worth RM40!

2.) 1 Utama Shopping Centre,
Old Wing Concourse
3rd - 13 April 2013
 Some of the promotions during the W.O.W. roadshow.
Remember, We are worth it! 
Visit the W.O.W. roadshows to join this campaign!

For more info on the W.O.W roadshow and campaign, visit  L'Oreal Malaysia Facebook page at

Friday, March 29, 2013

My Hauls from Crocs Warehouse Clearance @Hotel Sri Petaling

My hauls from Crocs Warehouse Clearance 
Honestly, today I didn't plan to shop even though my buddy, Wendy informed me the Crocs Warehouse Clearance which starts today. She knows I Crocs so much and I usually travel with Crocs shoes for my trips.
My appointment @11am was cancelled and so happen I was at Old Klang Road and it's very near to Hotel Sri Petaling so......I decided to go there.
Arrived at around 11.15am and this was actually my 1st time go to Crocs warehouse clearance. I usually purchase my Crocs their outlets.
The crowd in the event hall, adults and kids. This is a warehouse clearance and don't expect to get the new seasons collections. There are plenty of Size 5 and 8 for ladies shoes. Colours are quite limited to certain design but the prices are considered very good. I didn't take much photos with my phone in the event hall. 
Ocean Minded shoe also available at this warehouse sales. I'm wearing size 6 for Crocs and size 7 for Ocean Minded flip flop. I noticed the shoe design for Ocean Minded is smaller and I had to get it in a size bigger than my usual size.
For Crocs:
1 for RM60
2 for RM100 
L: Cyprus III (espresso/bronze) (UP: RM 229) 
R: Spring flat w (oyster/ultraviolet) (UP: RM 169)
For Ocean Minded:
2 for RM50 
L: Seaweed 
R: Image Meilani
 RM150 spent for 2 pairs of Crocs and 2 pairs of Ocean Minded. These shoes are just nice for my coming trips. ^-^
I'm happy to buy a pair of WHITE Crocs
 The Crocs Warehouse Clearance 
Date: 29 March - 7 April 2013
Time: 10am -7pm
Venue: Hotel Sri Petaling

For more info visit:

Thursday, March 28, 2013

FEMALE (April 2013) Free Fashion Tote!

As usual, I purchase my monthly magazine from Popular bookshop. Guess what? For the April 2013  FEMALE, Malaysia's leading fashion & beauty magazine, it comes with the limited edition FEMALE Fashion Tote!
The fashion tote comes in 3 different colours:
I purchased my magazine from Popular Sunway Pyramid and I don't think the PINK fashion tote still available there.
Magazine priced at RM8 and for this month it comes with a quite a large fashion tote.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Shell Helix Driven to Extremes on Astro Discovery Channel

My previous blog posts for SHELL Helix are always about contest and roadshows. Today I'm going to share with you an exciting 3-episode Shell Helix: Driven to Extremes adventure series.
SHELL has taken on one of the most forbidding places on the planet, the jungles of southern Malaysia in monsoon season, to put its motor oil, Shell Helix to the ultimate test.  Former Formula One racing driver Mika Salo, Oscar-winning Hollywood actor Adrien Brody and a couple of thrill seeking mechanics teamed up to undertake a journey across one of the most punishing and hostile terrains on earth in the third and final episode of Shell Helix Driven to Extremes, three-part television series, which airs on:
  • Discovery Channel (Astro Ch 551) 
  • Date: 27th March 2013.
SHELL commissioned Shell Helix Driven to Extremes to put its premium motor oil, Shell Helix, to the test in some of the coldest, hottest and roughest locations on earth. The severe rains and steep trail roads experienced in the third episode provided a perfect opportunity to test Shell Helix’s:
  • low viscosity
  • rapid flow
  • low friction properties on some of the roughest roads on the planet. 
The tropical monsoon conditions also tested the oil’s ability to operate efficiently with a heavy engine load for long periods, as the vehicle struggled through thick mud and water.
  Actor Adrien Brody crossing a river in the NIssan Patrol 
Mika Salo said, “What an experience with some of the best people and driving of my career. To see the effort that everyone put in to help us succeed was truly humbling.”
Adrien Brody added, “This was something different to anything I’ve ever done!
Actor Adrien Brody gets the winch ready after his NIssan Patrol got stuck in thick mud.
Alongside Salo, Brody’s role was to co-drive the pair’s Nissan Patrol as they travelled across the rainforest of southern Malaysia. And in the middle of an unusually torrid rainy season, conditions were harsh and unforgiving. The team journeyed along the Ulu Sedili Trail, tackling slippery roads, dangerous insects, swollen rivers, and fallen trees, before reaching their destination - Kampong Peta at the fringe of the Endau Rompin National Park.
Adrien Brody trying to get some rambutans with a slingshot at an orang asli village.
Throughout the journey, the Nissan Patrol was exclusively filled with Shell Helix fully synthetic motor oil, which removes up to five times more dirt and sludge, protects the engine up to three times better, and reduces up to twice as much engine wear as a normal mineral oil.
  In the vast Taklamakan Desert, China
Expedition mechanic and former rally driver Paul Marsh said, “Shell Helix has gone from the freezing -60°C Siberian conditions experienced in episode one in Russia to the blistering over +50°C heat of the ‘Desert of Death’ in China during episode two. In this third and final programme, the oil kept the engine running in the extremely wet tropical jungles of southern Malaysia. That’s pretty impressive.
Expedition leader and former Royal Marine Mac MacKenney added, “Jungle terrain is highly dangerous, so this expedition was at the mercy of one of the most inhospitable environments known to man or machine.
At one point, the rains washed our original route away so we were going in blind. For us this was to be the real test. This was pure combat - the team and the vehicles against the jungle.”
Ex-superbike champion Neil Hodgson (left) and Hollywood actor Henry Cavill in China.
The secret behind Shell Helix’s ability to perform effectively and consistently in extreme conditions is the rapid lubrication it provides to vital engine components. Shell Helix also works to protect against the build-up of deposits, keeping the engine clean and preventing it from overheating, even under extreme conditions.
To find out how Mika Salo, Adrien Brody and Shell Helix performed in the punishing terrain of the rainforest of southern Malaysia, tune in to Discovery Channel on March 27, 2013 to watch the third episode. You can also log on to the Shell Helix Driven to Extremes YouTube channel ( to find exclusive behind-the-scenes content from all three episodes of the series.

Three-part television series of Shell Helix Driven to Extreme:
1st Episode: 13th March 2013
  • saw Hollywood actor Tom Hardy and former Formula One racing driver Mika Salo face temperatures as low as -60°C as they drove along the ‘Road of Bones’ in Siberia, Russia, to one of the coldest inhabited places on earth, Oymyakon.
2nd Episode: 20th March 2013 
  • Hollywood actor Henry Cavill and former Superbike champion Neil Hodgson tackled the hottest driving conditions on the planet in the ‘Desert of Death’ in China, experiencing blistering over +40°C heat as they journeyed from Hami to Urumqi, the farthest city from any ocean. 
3rd Episode: 27th March 2013
  • the most exciting and last episode featuring Oscar-winning actor Adrien Brody and ex-F1 driver Mika Salo taking on the jungles of Ulu Sedili, Johor.

Here are the opportunity to embed some of the behind-the-scene videos on your side and Facebook page from now leading up to the screening day.




Tuesday, March 26, 2013

“My Favourite Look” Lookbook Contest by HK Station, Sungei Wang Plaza

HK Station at Level 6, Sungei Wang Plaza, KL is the latest most contemporary fashion with more than 100 exciting retail outlets to choose from.
HK Station has put together a Lookbook to showcase all the cool stuff you can get. You can check it out here.
Last week, I was invited to be a model for the newly launched “My Favourite LookLookbook contest. 
Shopping there was amazing. Loads of interesting stuff. Super affordable. All the looks here were put together with under RM200!
Look at my shopping hauls in this photo! :O
HK Station at Level 6, Sungei Wang Plaza, KL
Trying out some pretty outfits and bag at Cawayii and BLISS. Time to style myself for the the beautiful April!
I had a fun day shopping at HK Station at Level 6, Sungei Wang Plaza, KL!

This are my 2 favourite looks and I'm joining the HK Station at Level 6, Sungei Wang Plaza My Favourite LookLookbook contest.
Chiffon Shirt by V Feel Fashion (6F-108 & 109)
White Shoes by Caixa (6F-110a)
Outfit by Sam 90

Like & Vote!
Step 1:
 My dearest readers and fans, gotto
Step 2: 
Register yourself to join. (it's just take you, 2minutes)

Step 3:
Browse and like 5 of your favurites looks (vote for me yah!)
Every week there will be a winner to be announced and the prize is RM100 shopping voucher at HK Station at Level 6, Sungei Wang Plaza.
This is cool right?
 Contest period: 23 March to 23 April 2013.

PINK, My Favouite Colour & Samsung Galaxy Note II in PINK

Everyone knows I ♥ PINK. My life is full of PINK! I wear PINK clothing & shoes, I use PINK pensel to write, I put on PINK lip gloss & lipstick and all are just PINK, PINK & PINK. PINK, is simply a lovely, sweet and adorable colour!
 This is my favourite PINK t-shirt!
I wear PINK cheong sam for Chinese New Year and PINK dresses for events and parties! Oh, my spects is PINK too with Hello Kitty!
When comes to my training shoe, it's PINK too! I'm on training at least twice a week for my year end half marathon.
 PINK crystal bracelet.
 The super cute PINK Hello Kitty mirror. Just nice for daily use!
 This is the most important nothing PINK card when I do shopping! Shopping for new phone? The can't resist Samsung Galaxy Note II in PINK?
 PINK lingerie too! But I just can't show you in this blog post! *Shy*
Dress in PINK to join the PINK charity campaign! 
With all all my busy and exciting life and I found a new phone to complete my PINK life!
Samsung Galaxy Note II in PINK 
 It's my favourite PINK phone!
I was in Samsung store in Mid Valley to check out this phone.
This is Samsung Galaxy Note II in PINK is a limited edition phone! Means they are come in limited quantity only!
The selling price is at RM2299.
More info at: