Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Launch of Rudy Project 2015: ImpactX 2

Rudy Project, a sports eyewear leader for 26 years has unveiled the ImpactX2, a new range of eyewear. The new product launch was held at Jaya Shopping Centre. FYI, the Rudy Project's first flagship store in Malaysia also located in this mall.
If you are looking for a pair of unbreakable and offer you unbeatable protection in the event of falls and impact, safeguarding your eyes from dangerous injury, this is the lens for your eyewear- ImpactX2
Mr Christiano Barbazza, President and CEO of Rudy Project shared with us the new generation of ImpactX2 lenses.
Compared to the previous generation of ImpactX lenses, ImpactX2 lenses guarantee: 
  • 25% faster activation%
  • They also activate in natural light (also behind surfaces that screen, UV rays such as windows or car windscreens)
  • They are more stable, by up to 20%, to temperatures
  • They have a photochromic range with up to 65% higher performance  
  •  They absorb UV rays more effectively

One of the unveiled products at Rudy Project 2015 ImpactX 2 launch
Ms. Cassandra Devi Jeremiah (Cassie), 2nd Runner Up of Miss Malaysia World 2014 together with models were wearing Rudy Project’s Lifestyle Eyewear. 
 Another Rudy Project Products
Mr. Claudio Fantin, the Export Manager of Rudy Project, Mr. Claudio Fantin showing us how durable the latest ImpactX 2 lenses.
All pose for photographs at the Rudy Project 2015 ImpactX 2 launch.
Mr Christiano Barbazza, President and CEO of Rudy Project and Mr Claudio Fantin, Export Manager of Rudy Project at the ribbon cutting ceremony during the launch.
The very first Rudy Project flagship store in Malaysia. The Rudy Project flagship store is situated at the ground floor of Jaya Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya.

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unveiled a new range of Rudy Project eyewear – the ImpactX 2 - See more at:
unveiled a new range of Rudy Project eyewear – the ImpactX 2 - See more at:
unveiled a new range of Rudy Project eyewear – the ImpactX 2 - See more at:

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Launch of The New Cerafill-94, Powered by Redken Science

Recently, REDKEN Malaysia has launched The New Cerafill-94, the 1st Professional Solution that provides both INSTANT & LONG-TERM results in one comprehensive line for thicker & fuller hair! 
The launch event was held @Curlers & Trimmers, Sri Hartamas. My previous hair pampering session was done in this hair salon too.

The NEW Cerafill-94 technology and product range introduction by REDKEN Product Manager.
The NEW Cerafill-94  technology:
The Instant Thickening Technology:
1.) Ceramide - Strengthens hair fiber to prevent breakage
2.) Filloxane - Works on every hair strand to create a visually fuller effect.
3.) SP-94 - Nourish the scalp

The Growth Over Time Technology:
1.) Stemoxydine - Revitalizes follicles to help redensify hair.

The NEW Cerafill-94 range consists of two different haircare systems:
1.) Defy for normal to thin hair
2.) Retaliate for advanced thinning hair.

The line is completed with two new treatment stylers: Dense FX and Texture Effect, which help to amplify every strand of hair.
All products are safe for color-treated and chemically treated hair, and can be layered for added benefits:

The NEW Cerafill-94 Defy
(Defy for normal to thin hair)


The powerful instant-thickening formulas use ceramide, SP-94 and zinc PCA to strengthen hair and nourish the scalp for fuller-looking and feeling hair instantly

Created for normal to thin hair, the Thickening Shampoo cleans and strengthens strands to promote a healthy scalp, while the lightweight nourishing formula of the Thickening Conditioner infuses weightless body, volume and shine.

The Energizing Scalp Treatment is a daily toner for the scalp that uses Arginine to promote a healthy scalp environment
The NEW Cerafill-94 Retaliate
(Retaliate for advanced thinning hair)
Help grow hair. NEW Cerafill-94 Retaliate, has menthol along with ceramide and SP-94 to strengthen and nourish advanced thinning hair.

Complete with a stimulating Shampoo and Conditioner, the line cleanses and strengthens strands while invigorating the scalp to promote a healthy scalp environment.

In addition to Ceramide and SP-94, which strengthen the hair fiber and nourish the scalp, the Retaliate Shampoo and Conditioner contain menthol for a cooling and tingling sensation on the scalp.

Take your plan of attack further with the Retaliate Stemoxydine 5% Hair Re-densifying Treatment to see more than 1,000 new hairs after 3 months. The daily hair redensification topical solution revitalizes hair follicles with Stemoxydine to promote growth over time.

The Cerafill-94 Dense FX™

Perfect for all types of thin or thinning hair, Cerafil-94 Dense FX™ and Texture Effect amplify every strand to create thicker, fuller looking hair instantly.

Dense FX hair diameter thickening treatment thickens the diameter of each hair strand. The lightweight, breakthrough formula contains Ceramide, SP-94 and filloxane to instantly plump each hair strand by 9% and it gives you the instant feel of gaining up to 9,000 more hairs after one use!

Texture Effect works amazingly as hair and scalp refresher to absorb oil from the scalp to remove excess sebum on the scalp for lightweight, fuller-looking hair.

There was also  a hair care and styling sharing session during the launch.

Not only does Cerafill-94 allow you to take charge of your thinning hair from a medical standpoint, but it also offers great products for short-term, instant results,” says Redken Artist Lauren Hagen. “I recommend applying the hair regrowth treatment to the scalp.  Then, apply Dense FX™ on damp hair, dry and style for immediate fuller, denser hair. Finally, visit your stylist to achieve the cut and color that’s right for you.

Start fighting back against thinning hair today with NEW Cerafill-94: the only hair loss solution you will ever need!

The NEW Cerafill-94 is currently available in all Redken Salons. For more information visit
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