Saturday, September 29, 2012

Moonlit Reunion: The Mooncake and Tea Pairing Session

Recently, I was invited to join the Moonlit Reunion: The Mooncake and Tea Pairing Session by Sunway Pyramid. This mooncake and tea pairing session was held Garden Lifestyle Café, Sunway Pyramid.
Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with mooncake & tea, the perfect combinations that bring out the best of both flavours
 ~Mooncake Galore~
 Welcome note by Mr. Kevin Tan, Chief Operating Officer of Sunway Pyramid.
During the mooncake and tea pairing session, there was a mooncake demonstration by Chef Wu Chee Keong, Master Dim Sam from West Lake, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa
Mooncake introduction by Dragon-i Training manager, Ms. Susie Wong. This year, Dragon-i introduced the luxurious Limited Edition Mooncake Gift Set. The elegant box is embellished with Swarovski element crystals and the embossed Dragon zodiac sign signifies the year's theme of heritage and respect.
 There was also a mooncake introduction by Breadstory Ms. Ann Chan.
Mooncake is generally sweet in taste, rich and strong and taste wonderful at every first bite. However, with each and every bite, the desire to indulge in the lotus paste plummets, not because the mooncakes do not taste good, but rather, our taste buds have its limits,” said Legend of Tea assistant managing director Robin Lee Ping.

He was speaking during a private session with the media in the Moonlit Reunion: Mooncake and Tea Pairing session where other restaurants and outlets also had an opportunity to showcase delightful mooncake and tea flavours available at their premises – Westlake, Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa, Dragon-I, Purple Cane and Legend of Tea.

Me enjoying the tea during the Mooncake and Tea Pairing Session.
With that, the choice of tea varies from the Pu Er, Chrysanthemum, Oolong to Green Tea and Black Tea. According to Robin’s recommendation, the ones with egg yolk and nuts are usually oily hence Pu Er and Chrysanthemum are the perfect choices that help wash the oil away.

The Oolong Tea goes well with mooncakes that have lotus or red bean filling in them while snowskin mooncakes are best paired with green tea or rose-flavoured tea.    

“The stronger the taste of mooncake is,” said Robin. “the stronger the tea should be whereas, mooncakes with a lighter taste should be blended with lighter tea too.”

Now, it's time for Mooncake tasting!
The mooncakes displayed were some of the ones available for sale at LG2 Blue Concourse – such as Dragon-i’s Green Tea Azuki Custard Mocha Infusion, Coffee Indulgence and Exotic Mixed Fruits and Nuts.

Shoppers who are interested to buy mooncakes and tea can check out the LG2 Blue Concourse, Purple Cane (located at LG2) and Legend of Tea (located at LG1.98).  

During this time, shoppers are rewarded with attractive redemptions where a spend of RM600 (RM350 for Citibank Cardmembers) in 2 receipts entitles them to redeem a charming miniature teapot set (limited to the first 50 pax. daily). 

The Moonlit Reunion is an example of how Sunway Pyramid embellishes its position as a regional, lifestyle mall that allows shoppers to experience an unforgettable unique shopping adventure.

Visit Sunway Pyramid Facebook and follow Sunway Pyramid Twitter for the latest updates on events and promotions.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Shiseido Make Me Beautiful (SMMB) Contest 2012

Calling all females who are between 18 and 49 years of age, Shiseido Make Me Beautiful (SMMB) Contest 2012 is back! This is a golden opportunity for you to win a year's supply of Shiseido products worth RM10,000, a holiday to Taipei any other cool prizes! Check out the details in this blog post!

For this joining this contest, no experience needed. Just sign up for Shiseido Make Me Beautiful (SMMB) Contest makeover package at any of the SMMB event locations.
There are two groups in this contest:
Group A (ages 18 to 34 years)
Group B (ages 25 to 49 years)

You can sign up for Shiseido Make Me Beautiful (SMMB) Contest makeover package at any of the SMMB event locations.
So what are you waiting for? Head to the roadshow, purchase the Shiseido voucher and join the Shiseido Make Me Beautiful (SMMB) Contest 2012!

or like their page on FB

Launch of the PETRONAS Raya, Merdeka and Malaysia Day Campaign

Just a week before Raya celebrations, PETRONAS launched the Raya, Merdeka and Malaysia Day Campaign @Galeri Petronas.
This launched event was attended by members of media and guests.
Do you agree with this?
PETRONAS’ festive TV commercials have always celebrated Malaysia’s unique cultural heritage and the common values that unite and bring all Malaysians together -- told in a short, easily relatable yet meaningful story form.

Every every year during festive seasons, I’m looking forward to PETRONAS’ festive TV commercials. :)
Speech by Dato Mohammad Medan Abdullah, Senior General Manager, Group Corporate Affairs Division of PETRONAS during the Raya, Merdeka and Malaysia Day Campaign.

In his speech,  he said “This festive season, we want to pay tribute to all who are out there serving our beloved nation – especially our own staff. Despite the challenges they face, they adapt quickly to the environment they are in and take everything in their stride. That’s the spirit that should be nurtured, admired, celebrated and emulated.

“As human beings, sometimes we do not realise the good thing that we have until it is taken away from us. In this instance, it’s only when we live in another country that we realise just how wonderful our own country is. It’s also about self-discovery, of realising what really matters in life, and about what we have and can offer to others.”

Presented to members of media and guests the
PETRONAS heart-warming advertisements during this festive season

The film Strangers  focuses on its main character Erman, a young PETRONAS engineer based in Central Asia.
 His story begins when he is unable to return home to spend Hari Raya with his family, but his true journey begins when his path crosses that of a local boy, Jeyhun.
 Not merely about exploration and adventure, the film is also about a journey of self-discovery.
Every step of the way brings Erman closer to realising his true potential, reimagining his energy to contribute to the world he lives in, and discovering his inner strength to make a difference to those around him.
More screen shots for the PETRONAS heart-warming short film……
Following its debut on PETRONAS’ YouTube page on 6th August, the web film received an overwhelming response from Malaysians across the globe, most notably from those who are away from home, who feel that there really is no place like home.
 Among the comments received are:
“Every year during Ramadan or any festive celebrations, I always look forward to PETRONAS short films/TVCs. And this year, they make my heart smile again.”

“This is so beautiful. Two thumbs up and a high five.”

“Thanks, PETRONAS. This video makes us more appreciative of our country and taught us about the meaning of life.”

“Best Ramadan/Aidil Fitri short film/commercial of all time. Managed to make me smile, laugh and cry all at the same time. Truly beautiful!”

Another comment which succinctly encapsulates the sentiment of the viewers is: “Proud to be Malaysian.”
There is also a nice twist to the film is the interviews with real PETRONAS’ employees stationed overseas. Unscripted and spontaneous, the interviews reveal how being away from home strengthens their love and appreciation of Malaysia.

Dato Mohammad Medan Abdullah, Senior General Manager, Group Corporate Affairs Division of PETRONAS officiated the I Art You Malaysia Exhibition by painting a colourful I Art You Malaysia piece of art during the Raya, Merdeka and Malaysia Day Campaign.
Dato Mohammad Medan Abdullah, Senior General Manager, Group Corporate Affairs Division of PETRONAS with his painting.

In addition to the web film, PETRONAS has also lined up a series of other programmes to bring Malaysians from all walks of life together to celebrate the three occasions. 

Among the activities include:
1.) I Art You Malaysia Exhibition
This programme brought together close to 240 schoolchildren from both Peninsular and East Malaysia who produced their personal impressions of what they love about Malaysia or things that are typically Malaysian. All artworks will be exhibited at the Galeri PETRONAS from 14 August to 30 September 2012.
240 pieces of art work of schoolchildren from both Peninsular and East Malaysia.

2.) Items
  • PETRONAS is also producing 100,000 hand flags that will be handed over to the Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture.
  • Non-woven bags will also be distributed among the masses to support their commitment to environmental stewardship including reducing carbon footprint and conducting business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.
  • These non-woven bags will be distributed via PETRONAS service stations nationwide from 15 August to 16 September- with a minimum purchase of RM 30 from our station or Mesra Stores.
  • PETRONAS has also allocated 15,000 bags to be given away at selected toll plaza.

3.) Sentuhan Kasih Ramadan PETRONAS
This is one of PETRONAS’ signature CSR programme that aims to give back to the underprivileged members of the society and at the same time promote the spirit of giving and volunteerism among PETRONAS’ staff.
This year over 100 staff, PETRONAS Facebook fans and bloggers brought the festive joy to the Orang Asli settlement in Bukit Kala, Gombak. In a gotong-royong spirit, they cleaned the river along the Bukit Kala vicinity, refurbished three major bridges in the area, prepared a kenduri for close to 1,500 villagers and contributed food hampers to over 180 families. In turn, the Orang Asli villagers taught PETRONAS’ staff, Facebook fans and bloggers a thing or two on their culture. This included the demonstration of their traditional cooking method and sumpit blowing.

A photo me with Mei Sze.

Remember to visit the I Art You Malaysia Exhibition
Check out PETRONAS Youtube channel to see other webisodes. Link:

PETRONAS Planting Tomorrow: Imbak Canyon Area Conservation Partnership with Yayasan Sabah

PETRONAS Planting Tomorrow: I Art You Malaysia

You can also view behind the scene
photos at this link:

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