Friday, February 15, 2013

Unboxing Vanity Trove ~Beautiful Surprises~ February 2013!

February is a month full of celebrations and . Just before I celebrate the CNY, I received this, ~Beautiful Surprises~ , the long waited Vanity Trove beauty box! 
 This is the Vanity Trove: February 2013 Edition!
I like the beautifully wrapped box with accented classy pink notes filled with a specially curated range of beauty products and other surprises to my doorstep in this February!
This beauty box was wrapped with transparent plastic. Let's unwrap it!
 Once I open......
 A little greeting card from Valerie Tan and a products content card.
"It's all about LOVE.
This season, its all about love.
indulge in our specially hand-picked beauty products to pamper yourself and your loved ones!"

 In Vanity Trove: February 2013 Edition!
1.) SYSTEM PROFESSIONAL Smoothen Shampoo (30ml)

2.) SYSTEM PROFESSIONAL  Colour Smoothen Mask (30ml)

3.) ORIKS Wild Ginseng Stemcell Essence Twister BB Cream (2ml x2)

4.) ORIKS Wild Ginseng Stemcell Twister Essence (5ml)

5.) BENEFIT The POREfessional Balm (7.5ml)

6.) B.LIV Off With Those Heads Blackheads Sebum Gel (3ml)

7.)DI PALOMO Tuscan Rose Moisturising Body Wash (25ml)

8.) Merci Petits Milk Cream Chocolate (x2)

9.) An ORIKS voucher
(RM65, 250ml)  
(RM100, 200ml)
This is an essential hair care products to treat the hair structure, to boost suppleness and to detangle the hair.
ORIKS Wild Ginseng Stemcell Essence Twister BB Cream 
(RM108, 35ml)

This BB cream is formulated with plant stem cells to repair, keep skin healthy and covering imperfections. This is also an unique 3-tier cream design includes the:
  • milk lotion with wild ginseng 
  • concealer 
  • serum with repair complex CLR
ORIKS Wild Ginseng Stemcell Twister Essence 
(RM218, 35ml) 
This essence has soft velvet texture that helps to: 
  • reduce visible pores 
  • hydrating and nourishing skin
A complimentary voucher for purchasing ORIKS Wild Ginseng Stemcell Twister Essence (RM218) and get a ORIKS Wild Ginseng Stemcell Essence Twister BB Cream worth RM108 for FREE!

BENEFIT The POREfessional Balm 
(RM115, 22ml)

Again I found this sample size in beauty box. BENEFIT The POREfessional Balm is one of the BENEFIT products I like. This product helps to minimise pores and fine lines with this translucent, oil-free and lightweight balm. It contains Vitamin E derivative to protect skin from free radicals. Basically this beauty product helps makeup stay put!

B.LIV Off With Those Heads Blackheads Sebum Gel
(RM139 for 30ml / RM179.90 for 45ml)
This gel helps to:
  • remove white heads and blackheads gently and effectively and gently 
  • keeps oil secretions under control 
  • banishes all kinds of skins irritations
DI PALOMO Tuscan Rose Moisturising Body Wash 
(RM69, 250ml)

This is a rich, luxuriant body wash formulated using the finest ingredients. This body wash smell so great! It added moisturisers such as Pro-Vitamin B5 and to help keep skin smooth & supple.

Merci Petits Milk Cream Chocolate (x2)
I think is this the complimentary milk cream chocolate for us. Two Merci Petits Milk Cream Chocolate comes in a pretty box. Sweet! :)

Do you like this ~Beautiful Surprises~ Vanity Trove beauty box?
Want to own one for every month?

Just follow these steps:
1.) Sign up for an account and subscribe to the service on for the monthly subscription fee of RM60/- (inclusive of packing, shipping & handling fees) or choose the 3, 6, 12 months subscription options to get credits that goes towards redeeming a complimentary trove! 
2) Receive each month’s edition before the month starts. (You’ll get March’s themed trove by end of February!) 

3) Receive the troves hand-delivered to you and enjoy the beautiful surprises within it! Try and share it with your beauty buddies.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Join Philips '+' Project: Pledge for a healthier, happier and more fulfilling 2013!

The ‘+’ Project is an online campaign across Asia countries by Philips. This is a cool online campaign where you can speak up on how to have healthier, happier and more fulfilling life in 2013. 
About +’ Project
The ‘+’ Project by Philips underlines our commitment to deliver meaningful innovation that improves the quality of people’s lives in Asia Pacific. 

The ‘+’ Project aims:
  • to help build sustainable and livable living and working environments,
  • promote healthy eating habits, active aging and personal- and childcare
  • establishing affordable and accessible healthcare systems and effective ways to dealing with chronic diseases.
Through The ‘+’ Project, we work together, partner with individuals, communities and other stakeholders to combine insights with expertise, technology with funding, to deliver meaningful innovation that make a real difference in helping people live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives.
Why not be a part of the healthy community in Asia and win innovative prizes from Philips by sharing your pledge on what you are going to do to have a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life in 2013. The more commitment is shared, the higher chance for you to win.
 Read more to find out how to join this project!
Here how it works:
1.) Submit your pledge for a healthier, happier and more fulfilling 2013.
2.) Assign your pledge to one of the health and well-being categories.
3.) Share your pledge socially with your friends and family.
4.) Your friend and family, and visitors can share your pledge socially as well.
5.) Each social share is a vote
6.) Pledges with the most votes win!
Winner with the most votes will win innovative Philips products and help you kick start 2013 in the best possible way.

1st Prize (1 winner) 
– 1 package of innovative Philips products worth S$3,000
2nd Prize (2 winners) 
– 1 package of innovative Philips products worth S$2,000 each
3rd Prize (3 winners) 
– 1 package of innovative Philips products worth S$1,000 each

Got Twitter? 
Join in the conversation with #thebestmeMY. 
For more information on the ‘+’ Project by Philips

Stop Violence Against Women: One Billion Rising Flash Mob on V-day 2013

Are you free today? Why not join The Body Shop Rises Against Gender Violence ‘One Billion Rising’ flash mob
What’s Rises Against Gender Violence ‘One Billion Rising’ flash mob? 
This a global dance movement that seeks to end violence against women and girls worldwide. On the 14th of February 2013, The Body Shop® stores across West Malaysia will be hosting a flash mob in conjunction with the movement to stop violence against women. HERE

Gender violence is not a new problem that The Body Shop® has fought against. In 2000 together with the Women’s Aid Organisation, The Body Shop® launched a nationwide campaign called Stop Violence Against Women. This was then followed by Sixteen days of Activism - Speak Out Campaign in 2004 and four years later, The Body Shop  continued with another campaign called Break the Silence on Domestic Violence. Most recently The Body Shop® partnered with Soroptomist International in 2012 for their Walk the Talk campaign. 

 Come and let's RISE together to make a CHANGE!
Date: 14 February 2013
Time: 1.30pm & 6.30pm
Venue: All The Body Shop West Malaysia Stores

For more info visit:

Monday, February 11, 2013

Wat Chetawan Temple, Petaling Jaya (วัดเชตวัน)

Today is the 2nd day of Chinese New Year (农历新年). I visited the Wat Chetawan Temple with my family. This is the annual CNY temple visiting activities.
Wat Chetawan Temple is situated at 24, Jalan Pantai, Off Jalan Gasing, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 
Wat Chetawan is a famous Buddhist Thai temple in Selangor, Malaysia. 
I was told the official name of this famous temple is Thai Buddhist Chetawan Temple. 
The Vihara (Viharn) which is the main shrine hall of this temple was completed in 1962.

A row of 18 Buddha statues holding alm pots in Wat Chetawan Temple.
 My dad enjoying the Buddha-inspired paintings on the wall.

The red lanterns for CNY.

I like it's authentic ancient Thai design and the architecture at this temple is beautiful.
 Wat Chetawan Temple is a beautiful temple and worth to visit. 
*All the photos taken with my new phone, Samsung SIII.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gong Xi Fa Cai & Happy Holidays from JustNorahs!

Dear all my followers and readers,
I would like to wish you:

Prosperous Chinese New Year!
Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Enjoy this festive seasons with your family and loved ones!

With JustNorahs

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Clean & Clear® Deep Action Daily Pore Cleanser

The all-new Clean & Clear® Deep Action Daily Pore Cleanser is a powerful cleanser with unique double-action function that controls oil and keeps blackheads at bay, leaving teens with visibly oil-free and clear complexion. This is another innovation from Clean & Clear® to Malaysian teens.
The all-new cleanser features a few Clean & Clear® technologies to improve teens oily and blackheads condition.
1.) PureRice™ technology
Pure Rice™ technology, a special extract of all-natural rice protein which has a unique structure to soak up oil from the skin like a micro-sponge all day long.  It works mainly by attracting and capturing sebum (oily secretions from skin) from skin pores 8 times faster and lasting up to 8 hours. 
2.)Apple micro scrub & natural apple fruit acid formula.
Apple micro scrub & natural apple fruit acid formula helps to remove blackheads effectively and gently and visible results of lesser blackheads can be seen in just three days with regular usage. 

Additionally, Clean & Clear® Deep Pore Cleanser also contains Salicylic Acid that penetrates into the epidermis and into the pores to prevent clogged pores.  This also helps to remove blackheads, but more importantly, it prevents future blackheads from forming.  

Clean & Clear® Deep Pore Cleanse:
  • is clinically tested and proven to be able to reduce sebum up to 25 per cent in just three weeks with continuous usage.  
  • it is also gentle and mild to the skin, and as such can be used daily without hesitation. 
Regular use of Clean & Clear® Daily Pore Cleanser cleanses surface dirt and skin cells and controls oil secretion to prevent the precursors of blackheads.  It immediately breaks the blackhead cycle, leaving smooth and visibly clear-looking skin that teens always want.

Clean & Clear® Daily Pore Cleanser is available in 50gm and 100gm at major super and hypermarkets as well as pharmacies.   

For more information on Clean & Clear® and its line of products, check out “My Clean & Clear” on

Friday, February 8, 2013

PETRONAS Switch for XTRA Road Challenge Finale Party

Last Friday, PETRONAS held the PETRONAS Switch for XTRA Road Challenge Finale Party at rooftop G-Tower Hotel, KL. It was a fun and awesome PETRONAS party! 

Let me share with you a little about the Switch for XTRA Road Challenge.
PETRONAS Dagangan Bhd (PDB) recently crowned Faizal FBI and his supporting team as the winners of the Switch for XTRA Road Challenge, contending against other celebrities such as Awal Ashaari, Scha Alyahya and Hanis Zalikha. Switch for XTRA Road Challenge contest was conducted on the Petronas Brands Facebook Fan page and the 3 months campaign saw selected fans and celebrities nationwide for competing against each other to complete the assigned challenges. Throughout the challenge, the stars diligently provided real-time updates via videos and journals which were posted through social media using the #Switch4XTRA Road Challenge hashtag to keep their followers informed of their progress.

Team FBI whose challenges included them having to drive down to Johor and convince the public to perform an exercise routine, received the most support online, and thus rendering their team winners. They were presented with prizes worth RM10,000 during the prize- giving ceremony. 
Speaking at the event, PETRONAS Dagangan Bhd head of retail business Akbar Md Thayoob said that the company emphasized customer engagement and rewarded its customers.
"To show our appreciation, we have sought out avenues to organize programmes such as the Switch for XTRA Road Challenge to bring our customers and fans closer to us. It is important for us to know that as we grow from strength to strength, our customers and fans benefit similarly from our success," he said. 

Besides that, the four winners were also awarded a RM100 Petronas Gift card each in this category.
A photo of the Switch for XTRA Road Challenge participants together with PETRONAS Dagangan Bhd’s management team.
Members of media and bloggers also won some awesome prizes during this finale party!

PETRONAS Dagangan Bhd also announced the return of its PETRONAS Coffee Break campaign during the prize-giving ceremony. The PETRONAS Coffee Break campaign is back in conjunction with the Chinese New Year balik kampung exodus.

There are two phrases for the PETRONAS Coffee Break campaign:
1st phase: Between Feb 7 and 9 
2nd phase: Between Feb 15 and 17

Great news is during this festive period, free coffee and other refreshments will be served to motorists who stop by at any of the 33 participating PETRONAS stations situated along the highways and major trunk roads across Malaysia.

For more exciting events, log on to

So guys, very obviously, what else are you waiting for??? 
It's time to Switch for XTRA Performance, XTRA mileage and XTRA power. 
 Switch to PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 XTRA now!!!