Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Fashion & Beauty Shopping at eBay

With my hectic workload and busy life, I can't do much shopping at the mall. :( But, I still need to shop for clothing, bags, shoes, skincare and cosmetics. Thanks for this cool online shopping website, eBay! Guess what? I just done my shopping on eBay ( during lunch hour.

It's a great shopping heaven for me! I can do my shopping anytime, anywhere with just a click! There are so many items to shop for. My favourite shopping category is Fashion & Beauty! Dresses, handbags, skincare and many more.
It's pretty simple. I just register a shopping account on eBay and start my heavenly shopping on eBay!
Choose the shopping category you want to shop.
With the user friendly search tools on eBay, I can easily find exactly what I want to shop.
Let's see what's my eBay shopping hauls!

I'm a happy girl and I just can't wait to receive my shopping hauls from eBay! Come and join me to shop on eBay! This is the heavenly online shopping website

Monday, September 23, 2013

Talika Back Up 3D & Talika Bust Pytoserum (Review)

Talika Back Up 3D & Talika Bust Pytoserum, these two body shaping products are no longer new to us right? I have been updating my progress for the #TalikaBodyShapingChallenge  for these two products on FB, Instagram and Twitter. You can read more about the Talika Body Shaping Challenge HERE
I've completed the Talika Body Shaping Challenge and I'm very pleased with the results!
 Talika Back Up 3D
This body shaping product contains several ingredients that help us to achieve dream of lifted, firm and shaped buttocks.


  • Active storage of triglycerides in the adipocytes of the hypodermis (fat storage in the skin). Increases volume and plumps.

  • Traditionally used in sub-Saharan Africa in diet and therapy care.
  • Very nourishing, moisturizing, softening, rich in vitamin E and various nutrients.
NGALAMA BARK (“African Job”)

  • Widely used in the sub-Saharan pharmacopoeia; it is highly anti-oxidant (protective), firming and smoothes the skin surface.
  • Fights all signs of aging. This is one of the best kept secrets of Namibian women.
OHELIS (rye extract)
  • Replaces the tension of the dermis by playing with the interaction of collagen fibroblast fibers and their contractible capacity. 
  • It restores the strength of the skin by ‹lifting› the interior by retracting ‹muscle› fibroblastfibers. Stretching effect.
  • Active tonics that stimulate the microcirculation in the fight for water retention, activate cellular exchange, help to fight cellulite.

The Talika Back Up 3D comes in a hygienic pump dispenser. It is an user friendly product to achieve a satisfied results. I apply 2 pumps of the Talika Back Up 3D to the target area (you know where issit right? ^-^) twice a day after shower. 
The Talika Back Up 3D is a very light serum and with a pleasant smell too! It's non-sticky and it absorbs quickly into my skin after some massage with small circular movements. As for me, with 2 pumps from the light blue bottle, I massage the target area for about 2 minutes. 
My review:
28 days of applying this product, the lifting effect is very noticeable when I'm wearing tight dress and skirt. The lifting and shaping effects have achieved! I received  a lot of compliments from friends after this body shaping challenge. Now I have more confidence to wear my tight and fitted dress. Not only that, the skin at the target area also becomes smoother and the annoying cellulite has reduced. I still think that the lifting effect was amazing!

Talika Bust Pytoserum
This body shaping product is enriched with an all-new plant-based “Bust-Up” complex. If you are familiar with Talika products, previously Talika has another burst serum. This new product is like an upgraded bust serum that can deliver better results after application.
Same as Talika Back Up 3D, Talika Bust Pytoserum also comes in a hygienic pump dispenser. I apply 2 pumps of the Talika Bust Pytoserum to the target area twice a day after shower. 

This plant based bust serum has a light texture with pleasant smell.
The key ingredients in Talika Bust Pytoserum:
The combination of mangosteen, quince and sea kelp bioferment encourages the natural retention of fats in adipocytes (fat cells) and improve skin elasticity in the chest area.
Guggul (Commiphora mukul), a resin traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine extracted from an Indian myrrh-like bush, fortifies fat storage and increases breast volume.
• Naturally derived peptides reinforce firmness and breast tone.
Hyaluronic acid plumps and hydrates skin.
Oat sugars have an instant tightening effect.
Rose extract and raspberry seed oil nourish and regenerate.
Horse chestnut stimulates microcirculation.
My review:
28 days of applying this product, the target area has become firmer and more lifting. I can feel the tightening effect during my 1st week of application. The most satisfied results was the increases volume at the target area. :) This giving me a good opportunity to go for inner wear shopping! :)
That's all for now! A giveaway coming up very soon! Stay tuned to win Talika Back Up 3D & Talika Bust Pytoserum!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Moonlight Wishes @Sunway Pyramid

This is a busy month for me and I almost forget the Mid-Autumn Festival for this year. This morning, one of my friend just told me today is the eve for Mid-Autumn Festival and I was like "huh?". I'm going to take out my Hello Kitty lantern ^-^
Once again Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall invite their shoppers come and celebrate Mid Autumn with them!
Uphold the traditional Mid-Autumn custom with mooncakes and lanterns in Sunway Pyramid, and wish for great times ahead. 
Just spend any amount to receive a “Wish & Toss” kit and write your heart’s desire before tossing it onto our Mid-Autumn Wishing Tree on LG2 Blue Concourse.
Shoppers will also be rewarded with a box of exclusive Leo & Leona mini mooncakes and a set of "Wish & Toss" Kit when they spend RM350 in 2 receipts* (RM250 for HSBC Cardholders), and the items can be collected at LG1, Blue Concierge Counter. The mooncake box can also be used as a lantern
Visit Sunway Pyramid Facebook and follow Sunway Pyramid Twitter for the latest updates on events and promotions.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Castrol Launches CARAMA In Malaysia

Remember my previous blog post for "Facing Car Servicing Issues?". I did a brief introduction about what is Carama. The good news is Castrol has successfully launched CARAMA in Malaysia early this month. CARAMA, Malaysia’s FIRST Online Service for Trusted Car Care.
Castrol, one of the world’s leading premium lubricant specialists has extended its service beyond its lubricant business to the car care industry. Today, Castrol announced the launch of ‘Carama’ - a web and mobile enabled portal which simplifies car care, maintenance and workshop guide for consumers in an easy-to-use and one-stop solution. Ultimately, Carama helps to rebuild the relationship and trust between car owners and workshops.

A recent survey with over 400 respondents in Klang Valley showed the need for independent workshops to build a trusted relationship with car owners, providing them with transparency in pricing and assurance in the quality of workmanship, skills and equipment.
Carama Certified Shops was then conceptualised to address this issue by providing an overall quality score, based on a 40 point rigorous screening by our panel of independent third party experts, ensuring that these shops meet the highest standards of quality, skills, transparency, customer service, health and safety compliance. 

Commenting on the exciting new initiative, Sumeet Wadhwa, General Manager - Castrol Innoventures (Strategic innovation arm of Castrol), said: “Carama is envisioned to be the ‘go to’ site for car care in Malaysia, although we are still in the early stages of the portal’s development. Car owners have a high level of concern and uncertainty regarding maintenance costs, price and quality of repair for their vehicles. Carama will streamline the selection process and provide car owners peace-of-mind and confidence that they have made the right decision in their choice of the workshop.”
The Carama portal provides core features like accredited repair shop locator, spare parts calculator, my car logbook and Carama rewards. Car owners will also be able to share consumer reviews based on actual experiences of Carama Certified and Listed Shops. As Malaysia’s first social graph car care portal, Carama connects car owners to share their experiences and car maintenance tips with friends, family and the general public.

Wadhwa added Carama’s benefit to workshops and mechanics: “Carama will also benefit independent workshops and mechanics by generating valuable business leads for those who lack the capability to market their workshops, especially online.”

According to Roy Williamson, Managing Director of Castrol InnoVentures, “Carama’s vision is to become the  number one player in aftermarket car care and service space by connecting consumers, workshops and affiliates, through a one stop web and mobile enabled platform, leveraging Castrol’s heritage of trust and customer relationships. We are confident that Carama will change the aftermarket car care experience for all car owners, simplifying the maintenance of their car.

Be amongst the first to experience Carama and get rewarded by just signing up at

Thursday, September 5, 2013

August's FB Updates

Merdeka month past and now is September 2013! August was an awesome month for me because I finally ran my very first half marathon. Not only that, I also won 10th place in Borneo International Marathon 2013 (10km Women Open). August 2013 was my lucky month! :)
By official timing & placing, I'm No:10 in Women's Open 10km Category. I'm still very happy as I didn't expect to go on podium. #borneointernationalmarathon #BorneoInternationalMarathon2013 #borneomarathon #bim2013 #BIMHolidays #running #10km #winners

From the beginning of August......
Skinfood KLCC opening promotions. Purchase these promo items: 1.) MASKS packs RM15 2.)Glacier Water/Thermal Water (300ml) RM25. All profits go for charity. #skinfood #klcc #beauty #skincare #bblogger #charity
*Home sweet home* Good morning! Had a great Saturday out with bff. ^-^ Going to bed with Ciracle Jeju Water Sleeping Mask. Good night! Check out their website:
 Out for a short run with my new pinky. ^-^ #skechers #GoRunRide #GoRun #running #shoe
Happy Chinese Valentine's Day! #ChineseValentine'sDay #QiXiFestival #QiQiaoFestival
I attended the WEVents 3rd Anniversary: Superwoman Party on last Saturday. A photo of me receiving luckydraw prize from the gorgeous MiMi, the founder of BagOfLove. ^-^ Thank you.
Find out more about the cute beauty bag at
Morning! Fresh and natural makeup with Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion^-^ Going to chase my dream & to meet the monkey. 
 An evening with TSUBAKI. "Shine From Every Angle" #tsubaki #haircare
Hair pampering session with #Tsubaki #Shiseido #haircare #bblogger
Mary Quant makeup collection is now available at MUSE by Watsons. #MaryQuantMalaysia #MaryQuantMy #WatsonsMy #MUSE #bblogger #makeup

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

~Mary Quant~ The New Makeup @MUSE by Watsons

How was your weekends? Anything interesting to share? 
I had great weekends and there is one new makeup brand I would like to share with you girls. ^-^
Mary Quant is a makeup brand by fashion designer Mary Quant. Mary Quant recognizes cosmetics as fashion. For her, total coordination, created by combining makeup and fashion to express a sense of oneself, is called a 'look'.
I attended the Mary Quant makeup workshop @MUSE by Watsons with a group of beauty bloggers. The makeup artist for the workshop was Miss Takaki from Japan.
Miss Takaki introduced to us the Special Recipe skincare series and the Makeup base that applied on the model's face. 
The Special Recipe skincare series have the functions of natural essence such chamomile, daisy, rosemary, wild thyme and honey. The price for this skincare series is ranging from RM119 -  RM159.
For the base makeup, Mary Quant has two makeup base and an eye makeup base.
1.) Oil Zap (RM119) is an oil control makeup base that provides matte finish and can prevent makeup from coming off by controlling shine due to excess sebum.
2.) Moisture Zap (RM129) is a moisture infusion makeup base that has high moisturizing properties that helps makeup last longer.
3.) Eye Gloss (RM79) is a treatment eye foundation.
Mary Quant Obedient Finish Oil Free Foundation. This foundation comes with SPF20PA ++ and price at RM135 (30g). This foundation has 6 shades. It spreads smoothly and adheres to skin well. This foundation can prevent shine and makeup coming off due to sebum , maintain even skin for long hours.
 She started with eye makeup and follow by face and lip makeup.
The Eye Opener (RM49) is powder eye shadow. The colour comes out brightly adheres well. The texture is velvety and smooth.
The Talkative Eyes (RM99) is a liquid eyeliner with MQ's original brush. This liquid eyeliner comes with  quick dry formula and it lasts all day. Plus this is a waterproof eyeliner.
Top: The Action Lashings (RM109). This a lengthening mascara that comes with MQ's original two-sided coil and chip brush, which features short raised bristles on one side, and the Oil Gel Formula that gives the mascara its elasticity. It has 'Anti colour-fading effects' and 'waterproofing effect' to prevent smudging on the lower eyelid.

Bottom: The Blush Baby (RM75) , power cheek blush that comes in 14 colours. This power cheek blush gives a beautiful velvety finish to our makeup.
The Out Line (RM59) colour pencil comes in 19 shades. This is a waterproof eye liner that last for a long time.
The Colourshine For Lips (RM99) lip gloss. This lip gloss add lustre and volume to lips.
The moisture rich lipstick (RM108) that comes in 20 shades in Malaysia. 
Miss Takaki done with her makeup on the beautiful model!
 Alright, it's time for beauty bloggers to try the MQ makeup.
Me with the friendly Miss Takaki.
 Group photo with Miss Takaki.
Mary Quant is currently available at MUSE by Watsons, Sunway Pyramid.