Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Guerlain by Emilio Pucci ~Terra Azzurra Collection~

Today, I'm gonna share you with the French luxury cosmetic, Guerlain
When beauty meets fashion......
we have 
Guerlain by Emilio Pucci.
This is an outstanding collaboration between Guerlain and Emilion Pucci for a new make-up collection ~Terra Azzurra Collection~
I was invited to attend a blogger get-together makeup session with Guerlain's International Makeup Artist, Maxime Poulin @Alexis Bistro, Gardens. This is an introduction session for the Terra Azzurra Collection
Guerlain and Emilio Pucci are joining forces to celebrate a glamorous and colourful summer. A turquoise sea, a burning sun, an azure sky, fine sandy beaches… This exceptional collaboration draws its inspiration from Italy in the summertime.
~Terra Azzurra Collection~
“Guerlain by Emilio Pucci” embodies the union of two prestigious Houses in perfect synergy.
Emilio Pucci, the Florentine fashion brand whose cult prints have been evoking Italian colour and a refined way of life since the fifties. And Guerlain, the jewel of French cosmetics, whose creations have represented Parisian luxury, knowhow and excellence since 1828.
This second collaboration is a motif inspired by an iconic print, “Winter Capri”, taken from the Italian ready-to-wear brand’s archives. Exclusively recoloured for this collection, its signature print, a blue flower interlaced with swirls and flames, adds a joyful and elegant Pucci touch to the Guerlain products.
Welcome speech by Karen Tan, Guerlain's Product Manager. She introduced to us the Guerlain's International Makeup Artist, Maxime Poulin from Paris.
There was a video preview before the makeup demonstration by Maxime Poulin.
Maxime Poulin gonna use the Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale Skincare and the Terra Azzurra Collection on today's makeup demo.
Maxime applied the following skincare and base on the model's face before the makeup session begins:
  • Orchidée Impériale Cream
  • Orchidée Impériale Longevity Concentrate
  • Guerlain Meteorites Pearly White Light Perfecting Base
The makeup demo begins......
Terra Azzura Bronzing Powder, Météorites Perles d’Azur, Terracotta Gloss, Écrin 4 couleurs eyeshadow, Mascara le 2 De Guerlain by Emilio Pucci and Ocean blue kohl.
The makeup done by Maxime Poulin.
It's my turn to try out the Terra Azzurra Collection.
My mini makeover with Terra Azzura Bronzing Powder, Météorites Perles d’Azur, Terracotta Gloss (10 Porto Fino- coral Pink), , Mascara le 2 De Guerlain by Emilio Pucci, and Ocean blue kohl. The first two photos were taken @Alexis and the last photo was taken in my car. 
Aren't this Terra Azzurra Collection is so lovely?
Terra Azzura Bronzing Powder & Blush
  • The SUMMER’S couture powder & A SUN-KISSED powder!
  • Halfway between a bronzer and blusher, this hybrid powder with a gentle, lightweight formula offers a universal harmony of four shades to meet every desire, from the softest to the most intense.
  • For a natural effect: apply just the bronzing shade all over the face.
  • For a bronzed complexion: blend the three blusher shades and sweep along the top of the cheekbones to sculpt the face. 
  • It is presented in an accessory pouch printed with the Pucci motif.

    Météorites Perles d’Azur
    • A tan-perfecting powder enriched with an anti tiring blue pearly in a nod to Pucci shade.
    • the unequalled formula for a flawless complexion.
    • Three targeted and instant benefits to create a summer glow, even out and correct every skin tone, with a de rigueur ultra-luminous and  delicately translucent result.
    • Corrective effect: blue and pink counter the yellow tones in tired complexions. 
    • Skin-evening effect: beige and orange warm up the complexion and create an even tan. 
    • Illuminating effect: ivory and white gold are light reflectors without a whitening effect.

    Écrin 4 couleurs Eyeshadow
    • The sunset monochrome 
    • A blazing palette in delectably warm tones, whose four shades allow a host of combinations, from the softest to the hottest, to play with colour and electrify the eyes against golden skin. 
    • Its exclusive sophisticated metallic brown case beautifully sets off this summer harmony.

    Khôl Kajal: Ocean blue kohl
    • An instrument of seduction par excellence, this intense kohl is returning for summer in an indigo blue. 
    • Applied solely along the inside of the lower eyelid, it underlines and enhances the eyes with a provocative depth. 
    • Worked in a thick line along the upper lashes, it adds modern sophistication and widens the eyes. 
    • In an exquisite touch, the brown lid is decorated with two fine ribbons - one in indigo blue, the other coral - in the Guerlain style.
    Mascara le 2 De Guerlain by Emilio Pucci
    • A 360° navy gaze 
    • The iconic Mascara le 2 de Guerlain has been produced in new packaging with a chocolate lacquer finish for a unique and stylish touch.
    • This season, it is embracing summer with this elegant blue that opens up the eyes and offers the lashes bold length and curl and incredible definition.
    Terracotta Gloss      
    • Three sunny harmonies for these radiant glosses with a fresh gourmand syrup texture to light up the lips with sensual high shine. 
    • Three shades and three names taken from three iconic Pucci silk scarves. 
    • 10 Porto Fino: an incredibly shiny coral pink to set off a sun-kissed glow to perfection. 
    • 11 Porto Ercole: a sensual brown to pair with a spice-toned complexion. 
    • 12 Porto Azzurro: an unruly indigo blue, as transparent on the lips as it is vibrant in the bottle.
    Terracotta Nail 
    Not available in Malaysia :(
    • Two bold, fresh shades that stand out against a sky blue background. Irresistible on short, groomed nails and worn unmatching on hands and feet, these peppy polishes are a must-have fashion touch to complement a two-piece swimsuit or an ethereal cocktail dress. 
    • 01 Paradisio: a cheery, luminous coral pink with a high-lacquer finish. Unfailingly sublime on tanned fingers. 
    • 02 Riviera: a powerful electric indigo blue with a subtly metallic finish. Pure rock ‘n’ roll on golden toes.
     Camwhore with Teng-Teng @Wendy.
    (Yes, we did it again!) ^-^
    Lastly, a photo of me with Maxime Poulin. Thanks Karen for inviting me to this awesome event.

    Sunday, July 29, 2012

    Breathing Life the Design Excellence : IIDA’s 8th International InteriCAD Interior Designer Awards kicks off in style!

    International InteriCAD Interior Designer Awards or better known IIDA is back for 2012!
     I have heard of this prestigious professional interior design award in Malaysia through my sister-in-law  as she is working in this field. Her current company had won a few awards in last year's 7th IIDA. She and her colleagues are getting excited to this year's awards. Good luck! 
    Alright, let's get back to this IIDA’s 8th International InteriCAD Interior Designer Awards press conference. 
    On Thursday afternoon, guests and members of the media gathered at Bistro 42, Bangsar Village 2 to witness the announcement of IIDA’s 8th International InteriCAD Interior Designer Awards that will culminate in a coronation ceremony of its winners at the finale in December. 
    The press conference started with emcee Xavier Mah delivered the welcoming note to the congregation that has seen an unprecedented growth spurt in the design typology in the last decade. The baton is gradually being passed from the old guards to the young. The credit crunch of recent years might have caused considerable traction for the industry, but thankfully being more cautious doesn’t mean being less creative.
    Opening ceremony and Multimedia video presentation before the Tête-À-Tête Session starts.

    Introduction for 
    International InteriCAD Interior Design Award (IIDA):
    • IIDA is a professional interior design award that aims to provide a world class platform to recognize and award outstanding designers, acknowledge design excellence, encourage innovation, new ideas and techniques within the interior design industry. 
    • In the past 7 years, IIDA has successfully grown to be one of the prestigious awards in the Malaysia interior design industry. 
    • Moving more aggressively with its aim, the award has reached to a greater height by involving more countries to participate since last year, namely, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Poland, Spain, South Africa, Denmark, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia. 
    • IIDA is endorsed by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Malaysia (MOSTI) and Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water, Malaysia (KeTTHA), and supported by Malaysia Green Building Confederation (MGBC).
     The Tête-À-Tête Session begins......
    From L-R: Veronica Lee, Vice Organizing Chairman of IIDA 2012, Jeff Ng, Organizing Chairman of IIDA 2012 and Xavier Mah.
    Boasting a collective of completed works from residential, retail, corporate office, hospitality & recreation, public institution and public space categories; finalists from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippine, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Poland, Spain, South Africa,  Denmark, Dubai and  Saudi Arabia would soon be able to showcase their melange of creative efforts in a much applauded setting that seeks to cultivate and nurture interior designers from across the region with spectacular results.  
    Jeff Ng, organizing chairman of the IIDA reiterated TS Exim’s effort in establishing a world class platform in recognition of talented interior designers in Malaysia that eventually grown into a one of the most prestigious international interior design awards for the past seven years – rewarding outstanding designers, acknowledging design excellence and encouraging innovation and new ideas along the way.
    This year also highlights Special Awards Categories presented by IIDA sponsors including: 
    • Best InteriCAD 3D Award
    • Best Lighting Award
    • Go Green Lighting Award
    • Best Colour Award
    • Best Kitchen Design Award
    • Best Laminate Flooring Award 
    • Best Tiles Application Award
    • Wallpaper Application Award. 
    Details of the above awards HERE
    These encourage creative and innovative application of respective sponsors’ products and materials, while enhancing respective brand awareness among designers’ community.
    The organizer also highlight the Top Rising Star Designer Award in recognition of outstanding young designers:
    • age 30 years old and below 
    • who have shown innovation in their application of existing techniques
     Group photo.
    1st row: Lew Shu Ni, Veronica Lee, Caron Yeong & Jason Tan
    2nd row: Low Chin Guan Jeff Ng, Alvin Yong, Zahari Mahfuz
    (Alfo Group - Mr. Alvin Yong Pong Hoong, Marketing Manager of Alfo Group
    Mr. Paint Man - En. Zahari Mahfuz, Executive Chairman of Mr. Paint Man
    Inovar - Mr. Jason Tan Chwee Keat, Executive Director of Inovar Resouces
    Niro  -  Mr. Low Chin Guan, General Manager – Sales Domestic of Niro Sales & Services
    Fotile Marketing - Ms. Caron Yeong, Assistant Marketing Manager of Fotile Marketing
    Korea Wallpaper - Ms. Lew Shu Ni, Representative from Korea Wallpaper)
    With RM50,000 worth of cash prizes at stake, IIDA 2012 is calling for  submissions until the end of September. 
    And finally, with a masterstroke to end the festivities, group photo opportunities and a lucky draw session was conducted in appreciation for all those who attended the event.
    For more information please visit iida-awards.com.
    A photo of me with Xavier.

    Thursday, July 26, 2012

    Say Goodbye to my Virgin Hair & Hello to INOA Ash Light Blonde

    This is just a quick updates for my new look. I can't write much as my schedule is tight plus I'm down with flu. 
    Two days ago, I lost my hair virginity ~the color~. I did my very 1st hair colour service @Shawn Cutler under the media invitations for the INOA ODS2 hair service - it's an Ammonia-free hair colour service!
     My origin hair colour.
     Colouring treatment in process with INOA ODS2.
     INOA ODS2 (Oil Delivery System) Technology
    • Ammonia-free
    • Odourless
    • 6 weeks of intense hydration & nutrition
    • Softer & shiner hair than before hair colour servive
    My new hair colour!
    I my new hair colour!
    I'll tell you more about this hair colour service in coming blog posts!

    Tuesday, July 24, 2012

    NEW! RMK 15th Anniversary Limited Edition Eye Palettes & RMK 15th Anniversary Lip Palette

    The RMK 15th Anniversary Eye Palettes & RMK 15th Anniversary Lip Palette have finally arrived in Malaysia @RMK counters Parkson Pavilion, Isetan Suria KLCC and Isetan The Gardens, Mid Valley!
    In my previous blog post, Travelling Light with RMK Beauty Travel Must-Haves, I gave a brief introduction for the limited edition RMK 15th Anniversary Eye Palettes & RMK 15th Anniversary Lip Palette. Today, I'm going to share with you more on this gorgeous makeup collections.
    The RMK 15th Anniversary Eye Palettes & RMK 15th Anniversary Lip Palette come in a specially crafted lipstick casing. This special lipstick casing is embossed with the RMK 15th Anniversary makeup fairies. They are unique and I really like this design!
    When I remove the lid, this special lipstick casing hides a portable mirror and a double ended brush. The quality of double ended brush is quite good and it's also a convenient set for travelling.
    The 15th Anniversary Limited Edition Eye shadow palettes come in 2 shades: 
    1.) 01 Brown 
    2.) 02 Gray
    Each palette offers soft neutral quads for this season's fresh silver blue-gray or warm bronze spectrum for the eyes

    1.) RMK 15th Anniversary Eye Palette, 01,Brown RM 135
    01, Brown is a warm bronze eye palette and it comes with 4 soft shimmering colors. 
    1.) Brown
    2.) Champagne Gold
    3.) Pink
    4.) Gold
    The colors are sheer and shimmery. These colors give a good highlight and brighten up the eye area. To create a soft and sensual look, HERE

    2.) RMK 15th Anniversary Eye Palette, 02, Gray RM 135
    02, Gray is a cool toned eye palette and it comes with 4 soft shimmering colors. 
    1.) Gray
    2.) Light Blue
    3.) Yellow Gold
    4.) Silver
    Same as the 01, Brown eye palette, the colors in 02, Gray eye palette are sheer and shimmery  too! These colors also give a good highlight and brighten up the eye area. To create a cool and stylish look, HERE
    My makeover with RMK 15th Anniversary Eye Palette, 02, Gray 

     RMK 15th Anniversary Lip Palette, RM 128.
    This lip palette comes with  4 shades from pretty bright fuchsia pinks to feminine nude pouts. This special lipstick casing also hides a portable mirror and a double ended brush. 
    A.) Natural Beige
    B.) Shiny Beige
    C.) Translucent Shiny Pink
    D.) Orange Beige
    Color A to B are RMK's bestseller lipstick and Color D is the latest limited edition color.
    The lip colors are pretty sheer and do add shine to my lips. They are suitable for daily use to create natural look. I personally like this lip palette because it comes with the natural colors that I like.
    My lips looks more even and a little shine with the limited edition color, Orange Beige.
    Are you planning to get one of this palette?

    RMK is exclusively available at Parkson Pavilion, Isetan Suria KLCC and Isetan The Gardens, Mid Valley.
    For more information on this  RMK  cosmetics and promotions, please visit