Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Running Journey: What's On - January 2015

Kick of the year of 2015, I joined my very first run in The Multi-Purpose Insurans Bhd Run 2015 (MPIB) on 11/1/2015. This was my 3rd year joining the run. In 2013, I joined the 8km category and year 2014 I joined the 12km category.
This year, I joined the 12km category again. I was trying my best to enjoy this annual run as I just recovered from injury not too long ago. Furthermore, SCHKM is coming up in 2 weeks time.
That was me running towards the finishing line and finish strong in 65mins. :) Photos were taken from ET, RFF, Run&Explore and Victor. It was a good run except for the the long loo queues before the run. 
Well, it was an under-distance run as my Garmin Forerunner 210 showed 11.65km. Min. Elevation: 36m and Max. Elevation: 104km.
Not too bad as I managed to PB last year's timing and rank 13 in my category. I'll be back for 2016!

I only joined two races in January 2015, the major race was Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2015 (SCHKM) on 25/1/2015. This was my first full marathon for this year and it is also my first fm in oversea. Everyone was telling me that SCHKM is a PB marathon and it is easy to run there at cooling temperature. I was looking forward to this run and hope to finish this marathon with a good timing. 

Race kit collection at Victoria Park, HK.
The preparation before the big race...Top: LYN new pink-T and Uniqlo heattech, Shorts: 2XU Compression shorts, Shoe: Saucony Virrata 2 and of course my lucky cap.
The Marathon Run 1 category started at 6.40am (Yes, it was quite late for me to run a marathon at this hour) at Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. My 1st 10km, 21km and 30km was awesome. However, I got the neck pain at KM32 which slow me down and the worst was "hit-the-wall" at KM37. :( I was walking in the last tunnel and wanted to give up. I was very moody and wanted to cry. But, I aksed myself, "Sharon, why are you here? What you want to achieve? Want to give up now? Want to walk all the way back? Want to regret after the race???" . My answers to myself was "NO! I don't want these!!!". Thank God, I managed to "stand-up" from the "hit-the-wall" condition and run towards the finishing line.
Finally I completed the SCHKM in 4hours 10mins (Not my PB marathon timing) at Victoria Park.
 Left: The map from Garmin Connect 
Right: Map from SCHKM website.
Well, I ran from:
Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (near Hotel Mira) => Austin Road => Canton Road => Wui Cheung Road(E/b) => D1A(S) Road(S/b) => D1A Road => West Kowloon Highway(S/b) => Ngong Shuen Chau Viaduct(Kln/b) => Stonecutters Bridge(Kln/b) => East Tsing Yi Viaduct(Kln/b) => Nam Wan Tunnel(Kln/b) => West Tsing Yi Viaduct(Kln/b) => Tsing Ma Bridge(Kln/b) => Ting Kau Bridge(S/b) => Cheung Tsing Tunnel(Kln/b) => Tsing Kwai Highway(S/b) => West Kowloon Highway(S/b) => Western Harbour Crossing(S/b) => Connaught Road West Flyover(E/b) => Man Po Street => Man Yiu Street (S/b) => Lung Wo Road (E/b) => Fenwick Pier Street(E/b) => Convention Avenue(E/b) => Hung Hing Road => Marsh Road Flyover => Lockhart Road(E/b) => Percival Street => Hennessy Road(E/b) => Yee Wo Street(E/b) => Sugar Street => Victoria Park
Happily posing with my hard earn marathon medal! Maybe I'll be back for SCHKM 2016.
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