Thursday, February 9, 2012

Product Review: GARNIER PureActive Multi-Action Scrub

Blackheads, pimples and spots always with me since my teenage years. I'm using full range of skin care to maintain my healthy skin and exfoliation is one of the important steps in my weekly skin care routine.
GARNIER PureActive Multi-Action Scrub is one of the skin care from the  GARNIER PureActive range. The GARNIER PureActive Multi-Action Scrub is a new scrub for acne-prone skin which  can cleanse the surface, deeply purify pores and remove impurities. 
The GARNIER PureActive Multi-Action Scrub has two powerful actives formula:
1.) Purifying Salicylic Acid Maximum Concentration - is one of the most powerful anti-bacterial active that have Anti-microbial properties, Sebo-regulatory properties and Exfoliating properties.
  • Reduces sebum production
  • Exfoliates the upper layers of epidermis to prevent blocked pores & eliminates the impurities that causes acne
2.) HerbaRepair™ - a natural blueberry fruit extract that stimulates the regeneration of cells to help accelerate the resorption of marks.
 The ingredients in GARNIER PureActive Multi-Action Scrub.
The GARNIER PureActive Multi-Action Scrub comes in creamy foaming texture with gentle blue micro-beads. The blue micro-beads contain purifying Salicylic Acid and regenerating HerbaRepair™ to purify skin and to peel of imperfection spots.
I use GARNIER PureActive Multi-Action Scrub 2 times per week to exfoliate and  to deep cleanse my face. 
After remove my make-up, I cleanse my face with facial foam before using the GARNIER PureActive Multi-Action Scrub. I gently apply the creamy foaming scrub on my wet face and scrub  in circular motion, especially at the nose area. The  creamy foaming scrub lather instantly as shown in the photo above. Of course, I'll avoid the eye area. Lastly, rinse off with water.
Results: My skin felt smooth, refreshed and deeply cleansed. I noticed the number of blackheads and spots has visibly reduced in four weeks. I like this the GARNIER PureActive Multi-Action Scrub because its value for money.

Where to purchase: Available at selected outlets and nationwide in all major hypermarkets and pharmacies.
Price: RM11.90 for 100ml ; RM6.50 for 50ml 
For more information on Garnier products and promotions, please visit :
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Sherry said...

Nice I still have other brand not finish yet

ellis's luv said...

Actually I have been wanting to get one.. Great info babe...

Anonymous said...

i just started using this and yes, i noticed immediate effects days after using this product.

ZhengNorahs said...

Thanks for reading my blog. Glad to know GARNIER PureActive Multi-Action Scrub worked for you! :)

Anonymous said...

hey,have u ever heard of garnier pure active 3 in 1 wash,scrub and mask ? I only had seen this product for one time only,after that I never seen it seems that this product now are not available anymore except for garnier pure 3 in 1 cleanser..many times I asked the pharmacist for this product ,but ,they said, this product never available..Now, I had to buy separate pure active products ( foam and scrub , no mask)..I looked at Watson's and guardian but, it is not available :(

pls watch this vid bout this product...

I'm from Malaysia
p/s : ur reply is highly appreciated

ZhengNorahs said...

Hi. I hope below helps.

Garnier Malaysia launched Pure 3in1 in February 2012 which is available nationwide and do not carry the product `Pure Active 3 In 1’. Garnier has developed a unique formula for Pure 3in1 Cleanser to give them multi-benefits with just one great product. With three benefits in one product, your routine is significantly simplified:

#1. WASH Purifies skin and eliminates impurities. It also helps to protect against imperfections before they appear.

#2. SCRUB Removes dead skin cells, reduces blackheads and unclogs pores to reveal a more radiant complexion.

#3. MASK Use weekly as a treatment product to help control oiliness.

To create this triple-action product, Garnier combined nature’s best active ingredients to combat oily skin and imperfections such as blemishes and unsightly marks. Proven for their efficacy, these active ingredients are well known not only for their anti-bacterial properties but also healing powers.

ZhengNorahs said...

Btw I'm gonna review the Garnier Pure 3in1 soon or you can check out this post

Anonymous said...

ok.thanks for reply :)

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