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Jill Stuart 2012 Spring Makeup Collection

When it comes to cosmetic packaging, I super   Jill Stuart's packaging. They are luxurious and gorgeous! I just can't resist to own them! Jen and I purchased our Jill Stuart Mix Brush Compact at Facesss Harbour City. From there I received my Jill Stuart member card and I always receive Jill Stuart latest beauty news from them. I can't wait to share with you the 
~JILL STUART 2012 Spring Collection
Bare Petal
Spring 2012 JILL STUART is a playful color collection, an arrangement of the textures of fresh, delicately sparkling blossom pink and sunbeam orange.
JILL STUART 2012 Spring Collection
JILL STUART Crayon Eyeliner
JILL STUART Jewel Crystal Eyes
JILL STUART Jelly Eye Color N
JILL STUART Mix Blush Compact
JILL STUART Blush Blossom
JILL STUART Jelly Lip Gloss
JILL STUART Nail Lacquer N

Let's check out the new collection for Jill Stuart! 
Crayon Eyeliner
  • with soft core and allowing for lines to drawn comfortably with the lightest touch.
  • rich, liquid-like colour provides perfect coverage.
  • long-lasting, resistant to sweat, water and tears.
  Jewel Crystal Eyes

  • a fresh and vivid colour collection, like a dress of dancing flower petals.
  • contains"Enriched Milk Base", its rich texture, the milky base blends seamlessly with the pearlescent pigments for rich, clear and glossy colour with dazzling shine.
  • contains Pure Crystal Powder
  • a set of 4 eye colours to create radiant eyes with layers of pure colour and shine, like a sprinkle of dazzling stones.
  • includes a dual-tip applicator that holds just the right amount of product for easy application and subtle eye colour.
Jelly Eye Colour N
  • limited edition eye colour in the form of a light, refreshing jelly.
  • fresh white silver and coral orange encapsulate the joy of small birds singing or the sparkle of a refreshing river.
  • provide highly translucent sparkle and clear coloration.
  • Contains Pure Crystal Powder.
  • Crystal floral bouquet fragrance.
Mix Brush Compact
  • limited edition colours that bring a charming flush to cheeks.
  • Gentle Pink Beige - like a new bud
  • Fresh Orange & Pink - like a flower that has just opened.
  • It's powder but moist with a smooth texture.
  • contains fluid oil and powder that produce an excellent gloss
  • glides smoothly onto skin and creates a glossy finish.
  • comes with a limited edition special brush made from 100% natural goat hair.
  • Contains Pure Crystal Powder.
  • Crystal floral bouquet fragrance.
Blush Blossom
  • a natural and fresh colour collection.
  • Fresh Pink and Salmon Pink limited-edition colours create cheeks with a delicate, soft appearance, like overlapping flower petals.
  • the blush glow powder adds colour to cheeks, while the shimmer tint powder creates a radiant, translucent sparkle.
  • prides a long-lasting, beautiful finish with radiant colours accompanied by a rich gloss.
  • Contains Pure Crystal Powder.
  • Crystal floral bouquet fragrance.
Lip Jewel
  • translucent, clear-colored lip colour that makes lips glitter like gemstones.
  • it contains powerful emollient properties and to keep the lips full and moist.
  • spreads refreshing for perfect coverage.
  • brings you soft, voluptuous lips.
  • features a rose-cut container and a cup decorated with a Swarovski crystal.
Jelly Lip Gloss
  • a natural and light limited-edition colour collection, depicting the joy of the arrival of spring.
  • glossy coat remains firmly in place for a long-lasting shiny finish.
  • the tube's diagonal cut enables easy application onto lips.  
Nail Lacquer N
  • watery texture.
  • glides on perfectly for a glossy, smooth look that's both stunning and long-lasting.
  • the effect of both quick-drying oil and silicone results in rapid drying.
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