Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It Takes 2 to Rock!

I earrings and I to hopping for earrings. Is this one of my hobby? I would consider it as "YES"! ^-^
 Some of my collections......
The reason why I earrings......
 Look at the above photo! 
My ear looks plain and boring without any earrings! :(

Therefore, I need earrings to make my ear ROCK, to look alive!

My happy face  when I'm wearing my earrings!  
Well, It Takes 2 to Rock! 
Ears & Earrings!
Giveaway again for JustNorahs followers!
I have 3 hampers 
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How to win this sample set? 
It’s very simple. 

All you need to do is followed the easy steps in this blog post. 

1.) Be my follower for this blog because you need your follower ID to participate in this giveaway AND Be JustNorahs follower HERE

2.) Leave a comment at the comment box below with your Follower ID, Email and tell me another example of  "It Takes 2 to Rock".

Follower ID: ZhengNorahs
Email: koollert@yahoo.com

4.) 3 winners will be chosen by random and each winner will win yourself :

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5.) Contest ends at 11.59pm, 6 May 2013. 
6.) This giveaway is opened to Malaysian readers with valid Malaysia address only. 
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Lastly, do share my giveaway to your friends and invite them to join!
Good luck!


Eriol Loh said...

Follower ID: Eriol Loh
Answers:punk shoes it takes 2 to rock

#ciksuzlin said...

Follower ID: #ciksuzlin
Email: busymonkey07@gmail.com
Answers: ring and diamond~ it takes 2 to rock! ^_^

Jojo Seah said...

Follower ID: Joubajoubawa
Email: joubajoubawa@yahoo.com
Answer: Shoes! You definitely need 2 to rock!

Te . Amo Secret said...

Follower ID: Aby Teo
Email: ssmall.fishh@gmail.com
Answers :
for me the best example will be shoes with shoes Clip On! ^_^ all flats / heels can easily stand out and look so different, in style when we match them with a pair of shoes clips on! We can easily be fashion ans stylish by just changing different kind of clip on too~

as such,it takes 2 to ROCK! =D
Shoes and shoes Clip On ! :))

cre8tone said...

Follower ID: prince n princess mum
Email: cre8tone@yahoo.com
Answers: Socks!~ It takes 2 to rock!~

WendyPua said...

Follower ID: Wendy Pua
Answer: Dessert/Cakes! it takes 2 to rock!

Nabilah said...

Follower ID: Nabilah
Email: kegumbiraan@gmail.com
Answer: It takes two to rock sunglasses!

мs. вавз чuмıкo said...

Follower ID: Nicole
Email: miley71(at)hotmail(dot)com
Answers: Mobile phone and accessories!!! You definitely need these to be fun :P

Puteri Panda said...

Follower ID : Puteri Panda
Email : sj_mdy@yahoo.com
Answer : bracelet & ring It Takes 2 to Rock!

J-Mei said...

Follower ID: JMei
Email: surveyfoo@hotmail.com
Answers:Example "It Takes 2 to Rock" are camera with memory card.

lavender said...

Follower ID: Lavender
answer: It takes Kaya and Butter to rock a roti bakar.

Princess Neverland said...

Follower ID: Princess
Email: liewsinyee@hotmail.co.uk
Answer: Of course my favourite fashion item--Stockings!! Rock the fashion by using pairs of identical or different stockings and leggings! Yeah!


Email: jacyntacsy@yahoo.com.my
Answer: Lipstick+Lipgloss, it takes 2 to rock!

Yuh Jiun said...

Follower ID: Yuh Jiun
Email: josephine_0909@hotmail.com
Answer: Bra and panties! :)

Ivanashuevoon said...

Follower ID: Ivanashuevoon
Email: shuevoon@hotmail.com
Answer: Sandals takes two to rock because I need them to protect my feet from the harsh ground.

Arisa Chow said...

Follower ID : Arisa_Chow
email : arisa1443@gmail.com
Answer : Finger and a ring because those two are made for each other! :)

trendydiana said...

Follower ID : Trendydiana
email : trendydiana@yahoo.com
Answer : Hot Milo and "Ping Pong" Biscuit to rock the breakfast of the day....

ling mayber said...

Follower ID : ling mayber
email : mayberling01@gmail.com
Answer : my glitter black eyeshadow. it takes 2 to rock!!!

crissy cool said...

Follower ID : crissy cool
email : crissycool199@gmail.com
Answer : smoky eyes and black dressing.It takes 2 to rock ^^

lulu coey said...

Follower ID : lulu coey
email : coey22lulu@gmail.com
Answer : Sharp red lipstick and bling ear rings! it takes 2 to rock

ai miky said...

sorry amend!!

Follower ID : ai miky
email : aimiky1010@gmail.com
Answer : glitter black eyeshadow and long curl eyelashes. it takes 2 to rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

selenaa ts said...

Follower ID : selenaa ts
email : selenaats@gmail.com
Answer : 3D manicure and pedicure. It takes 2 to rockkkkkkkkkkkkkk

ye ye said...

Follower ID : ye ye
email : yeye137@gmail.com
Answer : my tongue ring and belly ring. it takes 2 to rock!!

mulan said...

Follower ID : mulan
Email : mulan_mysterious@yahoo.com
Answer : sleeves shirt with cardigan are rock together

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