Friday, August 31, 2012

JustNorahs says......Qualities A Man Should HAVE!

Happy Merdeka Day! I just back from shopping, shopping for mooncakes! I know is a bit too early to have mooncake but I just can't help it because I only eat them once a year! Besides shopping for mooncakes, I had my afternoon tea with one of friend. Guess what? We were discussing about a video we watched on YouTube recently.
Few days ago, while I was waiting for my lunch to serve, I watched the following video.
After watching this video, I was asking myself......Can I tolerate my boyfriend abuse me? 
 My answer is "NO!"
YS and I were totally disagree with 
Mr. Right = Mr. Rich!
Both of us are looking for a boyfriend who has qualities like smart, brave, gentleman, talented, hardworking, not selfish, patient,grooming etc. YS is quite lucky as she has found her boyfriend who has most of the qualities she's looking for. ^-^
As for me, I have my own standard, 
the 5 qualities Men should HAVE!
Not selfish to me, my family and my friends. A selfish man is care and love himself more than anything included the girlfriend. I was lucky that my previous boyfriends were not a selfish man. ^-^
I can't imagine, if my bf is not working and he's asking me to support his living! "NO, NO, NO!"! Hardworking as in 'Ringan tulang" in earning money and have a good saving and planning for our future.
He should be a patient boyfriend and tolerate to me. One of my ex-bf was a "super patient" man, he was patient in our relationship but the distance "killed our relationship". He never rush me during my shopping, waited me for hours when I have group discussion, a good listener when I complaint about my assignments, has good tempered and I think he never lost his patience with me.

I have some guys friends who is not gentlemen at all! He saw me and my gf were struggling carry the chairs but he just sat there enjoying his beer. Why can't he lends a helping hand? A gentleman should be a polite, not calculative and always willing to lend a helping hand. Remember, a gentleman always leave a good impression!
He should be smart enough to solve the problems, to take the right steps and do right thing at right time! Smart enough when I need him to be there and to guide me.
That's my "5 qualities men should HAVE!". 
How about yours?


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