Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Givenchy Dahlia Noir Fragrance - An Imaginary Flower fragrance I ♥

There is one fragrance I ♥ from Givenchy, one of the leading purveyors of contemporary luxury, Dahlia Noir. I like its floral powdery scents. Dahlia Noir is the first fragrance developed under the creative direction of Riccardo Tisci. 
This fragrance embodies a mysterious and atypical woman. Not only that, Dahlia Noir resonates with a fragile strength, a confluence of opposing forces, to better express the tough softness of the woman who wears it.
I have abottle of Dahlia Noir Eau de Parfum that engraved with my name. I just fall in ♥ with this “Black Dalia", a powdery fragrance of dusty chypre -floral. ^-^
The Concept of Dahlia Noir
Dahlia Noir is the quintessence of the Givenchy style. Its fragrance is a new classic. Its woman is a new icon. Dahlia Noir is meant to become a new legend.
The Fragrance......
The dahlia is a scentless flower, giving free rein to the imagination and creation. Dahlia Noir by Givenchy is thus a mysterious dream, a fantasized and seductive flower.
Like the blossom that it embodies, the Dahlia Noir fragrance is both feminine and sensual thanks to its floral and fruity aspect, but also captivating thanks to its woody aspect.
A flower plucked from a dream, an irresistibly tempting flower. 

The fragrance is a creation by François Demachy, the official perfumer of LVMH, developed in collaboration with Riccardo Tisci.
The Dahlia Noir EDP is a floral powdery chypre whereas the Dahlia Noir EDT is a radiant fruity floral.
The Bottle......
With its spare architectural lines and perfectly balanced proportions, the bottle seems timeless. Solid yet delicate, elegant yet pared-down, at once powerful and yielding, it is a synthesis of opposites, like the fragrance it contains, like the Dahlia Noir woman herself.

The Packaging......
The spare elegance of the case, and the black lettering against a black-trimmed pink background for the EDP (or against a silver-trimmed beige pink background for the EDT), express the deliberately contradictory concept of minimalist opulence. The nude pink recalls the powdery softness of the scent. 

The Scent......
1.) Dahlia Noir Eau de Parfum 
The Dahlia Noir Eau de Parfum, “Black Dalia", is a floral powdery chypre fragrance. This fragrance evokes a powdery seduction. The powdery softness of a bouquet of roses, iris and mimosa. The bewitching potency of patchouli and tonka bean.  

2.) Dahlia Noir Eau de Toilette
The Dahlia Noir Eau de Toilette is a radiant fruity floral fragrance. This fragrance expresses a more luminous, fruitier vision. A burst of citrus softened by a transparent peach. The elegance of an unforgettable sensual rose.
 The Givenchy Dahlia Noir price list:
EDP 30ml - RM 234
EDP 50ml - RM 333
EDP 75ml - RM 396
EDT 30ml - RM 190
EDT 50ml - RM 267
EDT 75ml - RM 324
Body Milk 200ml  - RM 175
Shower Gel 200ml - RM167

Givenchy Dahlia Noir is available at most of the leading departmental stores Isetan , Jusco, Parkson, Robinsons, Sephora and Sogo KL.
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*JacQueliNe* said...

The design look so high class. Love it. :P

HenRy LeE said...

Seems like a pretty good women perfume but quite pricy eh...

Altaf Shah said...

The design of the bottle it's therefore enticing and that i assume is sort of expensive.cyclohexanol

Anonymous said...

I have all three, the EDP, EDT and the L'Eau version. thanks to my friends who gave me the testers. the EDP is powdery, it reminds me of talcum powder, almost like Johnson&Johnson's baby powder but more floral. The two flankers, EDT and L'Eau (also an EDT strength) are nothing like the EDP. The EDT is a fruity floral, (not the 'bubblegummy' or 'fruit-flavor' kind of notes) the peach note is so vibrant, tamed by the rose and other floral notes. L'Eau is citrus-floral, and I find it quite boring, but I dare say, many would like the L'Eau version, because it's just another nice and safe fragrance like many other designer's perfumes.

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