Monday, April 7, 2014

My new contact lens: Biomedics® 1 day Extra

From my JustNorahs FB page, Instagram and blog, you know I ♥ running and travelling. Well, others than beauty and shopping. ^-^ I started to wear contact lens since pre-U and I have been wearing monthly contact lens and yet to try the daily contact lens. Recently, I tried the NEW Biomedics® 1 day Extra and it is very comfortable and I like it.  
The NEW Biomedics® 1 day Extra: 
This new daily lens is designed for day-long comfort. Besides that, it is also a great starting point for those new to lenses or for those monthly lens wearers wanting to upgrade to the extra convenience 1 day lenses offer. Well, I do agree with this, with this NEW Biomedics® 1 day Extra, it gives extra convenience for me – wear a pair in the morning and just removed it at the end of the day. I don’t have to carry my contact lens solution and casing with me. :)
A box of NEW Biomedics® 1 day Extra comes with 30 lenses and I need 2 boxes as my left and right eyes have lens power. 
 Product Specifications:
Water Content: 55%

Diameter: 14.2mm

Base Curve: 8.6mm

Contents: Ocufilcon D 45%, H2O 55%
Me with the NEW Biomedics® 1 day Extra. I wear it to work, attending events and party.  I can comfortably wear this pair of lens for up to 11 hours.

When come to running, I really need my contact lens. Sweats and dirt always enter my eyes when I go for long distance run. This becomes worst when the haze season strike Klang Valley recently. With the NEW Biomedics® 1 day Extra, I can just replace my lens everyday. I have less itching eyes when I’m wearing daily lens when compare to monthly lens.
The NEW Biomedics® 1 day Extra is suitable for me as I have active lifestyles. I can enjoy pair of fresh and new contact lens everyday. This is very important for me to have healthier eyes when I’m on contact lens.
Let’s experience the most natural, comfortable lens by clicking this link:

My dearest readers, what are you waiting for?
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Hurry, this trial period is limited till 30th of April 2014.

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