Monday, June 16, 2014

Review: Carole Frank OKANA Radiance Complexion

Carole Frank OKANA Radiance Complexion is a skincare product with active components of natural ingredients to give skin its natural luminescene.
I have been this product for 4 weeks. Few days after I came back from KK after running my first marathon. I need something to bring back my skin radiant and for soothing the redness.

This product with the OKANA formula addresses 3 major skin disorders:
Wrinkles - Brown Spots - Redness
1.) Anti-ageing Action
The extract of KOMBU (brown seaweed) boosts the synthesis of the collagen and revitalizes tissues. Strengthened by the Extract of Lemon with a smoothing power, it reduces the depth of wrinkles and smoothes the cutaneous micro-relief to better catch the light.

2.) Clearing & Lightening Action
The extract of STARGAZER LILY together with the extract of SEA FERN, work in  combination to target brown spots. They inhibit melanogenesis and help reduce the quantity of melanin in the skin. Thus the complexion is more homogeneous, clear and brown spots are toned down.

3.) Soothing & Softening Action
Red Vine (Grape vine) and Liquorice help to improve blood circulation and diminish redness. Shea butter and Babassu butter bring softness and comfort to the skin.
I like its light texture. The Carole Frank OKANA Radiance Complexion has a texture enriched with natural light-reflecting pearlescent particles. This particles illuminate, play with the light beams and rub out the imperfections by blurring the skin surface. Its texture quickly absorb into my skin and leave a matte finish which is a good base for my make-up.
Results: My complexion is more luminous and radiant. My fine lines are smoothed out and skin is soothed (less redness). I really like the matte finish and it helps my make-up to stay on.

The Carole Frank OKANA Radiance Complexion is retailed at RM338 in a 50ml bottle with airless pump. This product is suitable for all ages and all skun types.

For more info, please visit: or contact Cheerful Beauteepro at 03-2141 9928 / 9037

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