Friday, January 7, 2011

Block Up! Roadshow

BLOCK UP!® Roadshow at concourse Mid Valley (in front of KFC), from 5 to 9 of January 2011.

"Fruit of the Earth , skin caring sun care range – BLOCK UP!®, a cutting edge in sun care category is an aloe vera-based sunscreen with Full Spectrum UVA and UVB Protection. This range of sun care are made with only the purest aloe vera and combination of anti-oxidant vitamins A, C and E. The BLOCK UP!® will help prevent free-radical damages and skin damages caused by prolonged exposure in the sun."
(Information extracted from

What caught my attention is the exchange old tube of sunblock to a FREE 1oz tube of Block Up sunblock! I saw this advertisement in The Star newspaper two days ago.

With any old tube of sunblock (face/body) you can choose to get one of the above Block Up sunblock. There are BLOCK UP!® SPF50 Lotion, BLOCK UP!® Sport SPF30 Lotion and BLOCK UP!® Kids SPF50 Lotion

BLOCK UP!® Dark Tanning SPF4 Lotion, Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera 100% Gel and others Fruit of the Earth Skin Care lotions are also selling at the roadshow.

Great news for all the Facebook fans! Go to Facebook to search for "Fote.blockup" and like the page. Choose one of your "holidays" photo and paste on "Fote.blockup". Then get all your friends to like your holiday photo. The Fote. blokup fan with most likes will win the hammock that is showed in the above photo. Thus, we can start to choose our holidays photo and upload to the Facebook. Gook luck!

There some promotions going during the roadshows. The prices of Block Up! Range are showed in the above photo!

FREE gift bag worth RM30 will be given to you when you purchase above RM50.

My hauls from the BLOCK UP!® Roadshow and my Free gift bag!
Let's see what is in the gift bag:

Cuticura All Purpose Talcum Powder (100g)
FREEMAN Shea Body Butter Olive (150ml)
FREEMAN Bare Hands Firming Grapefruit & Honetsuckle hand lotion (125ml)
Fa sensitive Extra Mild Deo Roll-on (50ml)
Cuticura Hand Sanitizer (60ml x2)


Huiyi said...

Did u try Block Up sunblock?
What's it's texture?
I'm wondering which sunblock should i purchase?

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