Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mother's Day Celebration with Garnier Body NutriRepair @The Cooking House

How was your Mother's Day celebration? This year, my mum had a great and special Mother's Day celebration all thanks to Garnier Body NutriRepair!
On May 8, she received a bouquet of flowers and an invitation card for celebrating Mother's Day @The Cooking House. Yes, she was invited to a baking class with me on May 15. She was so surprised to receive the flowers. On May 8, we had a great time in the mall for shopping, pampering session and dinner. She was looking forward to the cooking class because she loves to bake and cook.
Charlotte of Mango Yogurt Mousse from the baking class with GARNIER.
Decorations of the baking class with flowers, balloons and Garnier Body Nutri Repair Lotion.
Mangoes. Garnier Body NutriRepair Repairing Milk Lotionia fortified with Mango Extract, a natural emollient rich in essential nutrients that deeply nourishes and hydrates skin.
Look, we are in aprons and ready to start the baking class!
Welcome speech by the organizer before baking session starts.
 Bloggers and their mums
Chef Ryan Khang. In the baking class, he taught us to bake Mango & Yogurt Tart and Charlotte of Mango Yogurt Mousse.
 Ingredients need for baking Mango & Yogurt Tart and Charlotte of Mango Yogurt Mousse was shown in the first photo. Next, Chef Ryan showed us the steps how to bake the Charlotte of Mango Yogurt Mousse.
 Finally we are ready to bake the Charlotte of Mango Yogurt Mousse! As you can see from the photos, mum actually did most of the baking steps and I was just there to be her assistant. ^-^
 Jess and her mum busy preparing the tart mould.
Done with the Charlotte of Mango Yogurt Mousse! Next, Mango & Yogurt Tart. From making the pastry,  frangipane to tart mould, my mum really can do it! Well, I did help he, okay? ^-^
Done! Guess who has the big Mango & Yogurt Tart? Jessying OR ZhengNorahs?
Finally our Mango & Yogurt Tart and Charlotte of Mango Yogurt Mousse are done! Thanks, mum!
Mummy and I with Chef Ryan Khang.
Products introduction
The moisturizing Garnier Body Nutri Repair Lotion.
A session of hand massage for mother & daughter after the baking class.My time doing hand massage for mummy.
Thanks Garnier Body NutriRepair! Mummy and I had an awesome time at this baking class with others mums!
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WendyPua said...

Having a Mother & Daughter Tees togather gather!
Having a nice Mother's Day to us also :)

ZhengNorahs said...

Yes, my mum suggested to wear the same colour top. :) 1st time I attending a baking class with her.

bacon said...

such a lovely post Sharon!!

So good to see Mum+daughter enjoying an event together!!

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