Monday, May 2, 2011

My Mother Nourishes My Life….With LOVE!

May is the month full of love. May is the month we celebrate the Mother's Day. I have my "Super Mummy" at home.
My mum was born and raised in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. So did I. Port Dickson is one of her favorite beach. I remembered she and daddy always brought me to Port Dickson during weekends. This photo was taken when I was 3 years old, with my "Super Mummy" at Port Dickson. I am the first child in the family and she "nourish" me with all her love. I was treated like a princess in the family. My aunty told me, mummy was facing difficulty when she giving birth to me. She prayed to the God and luckily both of us were safe.
I started to be a naughty girl and a little jealousy when my younger sister and brother were born. I felt that they took away mummy's love. Mummy is care for them more and I no longer her "ONLY Princess". I think I broke her heart at that time. I was too young and didn't understand what she had done to "repair" our Mother-Daughter relationship. This photo was taken during my aunt's wedding. Look at our hairstyle, designed by our "Super Mum". They were cool, right?
We quarrelled a lot when I was in my teens. Even though we fought all the time, but deep in our heart,  I honestly believe we love each other. I never say "I Love You, Mummy' to her. I made Mother's Day and birthday cards to her, wrote "妈妈,我爱您!“ but I couldn't express my love verbally to her. When I was in Form 5, I did try to 'repair' our relationships.
Time really flies so fast, our relationship actually getting better when I entered university. I started to be more patient when I talk to her. I started to share my love stories with her. As for her, she continues to 'nourish' me with her love.
 Few years ago, when my ex-bf left me. She was there with me, she gave her shoulder for me to cry on and she cried with me. Till that day, I finally realized how much she love me and care for me. She was the one who 'repair' my broken heart and help me to 'renew' my confidence.
This is the most recent photo we took on 2011 Chinese New Year Eve. Now, I can tell the world, Mummy, I Love You! Thank you for bringing me to this world, thank you for 'nourish' me with your love and thank you for being there with me! "妈,我是真的爱您!“

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