Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Etude House Launch Nymph AURA Makeup Collection

Recently, Etude House launch the latest makeup collection ~NYMPH AURA~ @My Cook Book, Sunway Giza.
Nymph AURA Makeup Collection by Etude House has the special advancement of hydration power and creating celeb-like nude skin. Therefore, to create perfect flawless skin and radiant skin like our favorite Korean celebrities is not a dream!
 Member of medias were invited to enjoy a video presentation during the media launch.
 Product introduction by Ms BoBo.
Makeup demo. 
The makeup artist showed us the 4 easy steps to create the natural look effect of Korean celebrities makeup with Nymph Aura Volumer, Nymph Aura Loose Powder,Nymph Aura Jelly Tint Blusher and Nymph Aura Lipstick. 

Look, the model has celeb-like moisture, resilience and radiant skin after the makeup demo!
I'm sure you all can't wait to check out the Nymph Aura Makeup Collection. Jom!

Nymph Aura Volumer (RM 79.90)
Nymph Aura Volumer, a must have star product of this new makeup collection. This product assembling the features of hydrating, brightening and ideal concealing essence of BB Cream.
  • Outstanding photosensitive conductor, it helps to promote luster of skin naturally.  
  • 100% skin-friendly enables the overall makeup to be adhesive, as smooth and lustrous as silk, maintaining the smooth touch for long hours. 
  • Small molecules of hyaluronic acid, nuts oil, avocado oil and herb extract, rapidly penetrates into skin and hydrates skin. 
  • All these can even form a nutrition membrane effectively lock water and maintain suppleness, Vitamin E can even prevents the aging of skin. 
  • Nymph Aura Volumer #1 - Superb optical refractive index enables the skin to become as pure as carved jade, reaching the extremely natural flawless makeup effect.
  • Nymph Aura Volumer #2 - All the above integrate well with the skin’s natural light shining powder, showing the luster of fluorite-like and improving the skin radiance and moisture level.
 Nymph Aura Boosting Primer (RM 69.90)
  • This primer contains 70 kinds of trace elements of the essence of gold coral water, effectively penetrates into the underlying skin and nourishes dryness of skin, regulates sebum, strengthens skin moisture barrier and enhance the hydration level, maintaining skin suppleness. 
  • The secret of skin’s crystal clear brightness comes from special tiny powder, it helps to correct the imperfection of skin, spots and improve skin tone, giving a sense of delicate moist.
Nymph Aura Loose Powder (RM 69.90)
(#1 Natural Pearl Aura / #2 Brilliant Pink Aura)
  • This loose powder exudes the lustrous shine, its unique natural skin photosensitive conductor promotes outstanding radiance, evenly pat onto the skin.   
  • There will not be any floating or tangle of makeup. 
  • It helps to regulate sebum secretion and maintain the brightness of skin. 
  • High moisturizing factor enables skin to be supple and comfortable, luxurious shine and showing the radiance in more solid form.  
Nymph Aura Jelly Tint Blusher (RM 31.90)
(#1 Aura Pink / # Aura Pink Orange)
  • Soft and natural hydrating gel-type blusher, contains fruit extracts with excellent anti-oxidant effect and small molecules of hyaluronic acid with double moisturizing effect, penetrating into the underlying skin and providing high moisture results, essential in improving the wrinkles and enhancing skin elasticity.   
  • It just feels like after applying serum and ending with healthiness and suppleness. 
  •  Non-greasy and non-tangle moisturizing gel formulations, it lends the natural flush of redness from within.   
  • Excellent adhesiveness helps to maintain the crystal clear and healthy color of skin.
Nymph Aura Lipstick (RM 49.90)
Unique optical transmission technology makes a vivid representation of the true lip color, lightweight polymer creates soft and yet strong adhesion on the lips, creating the flawless and smooth tone, elastic polymer helps to prevent scattered light, making the lips with full moist and lustrous. 
Nymph Aura Glam Nail 
(3 bottles @RM 19.90)
  • Clean and crystal clear skin, with a touch of shiny nails.  
  •  Multi-level combinations of 2 color types and bright nail colours, can be an overlapping or single overlapping application
  • As vibrant as high quality painting, high-gloss and new color trends Queensland fruit oil, vitamins A, E and provides nutrients and protects damage nails.
Precious Mineral BB Cream SPF30/PA ++  
(RM 79.90)(#4 Sheer Shiny Skin) 
  • Limited edition, unique photosensitive conductor promotes the radiance of skin, combining whitening, anti-wrinkle and sunscreen triplet function functional BB cream, black pearl extraction of natural mineral composition, with excellent natural whitening and moisturizing effect, unveils the clean pure color of your skin, more effective in improving skin softness and enhancing brightness.    
  • Powerful upgrade of anti-dull formulation, including SPF30/PA + +, effectively block UV. 
Lucidarling Gradation Eyes (RM 42.90)

Four kinds of lavish colors and shiny particles, all these assist to enhance color purity and extreme sharpness, superior moisturizing level promotes the adhesiveness of makeup, easily outline vibrant and alluring eye sight.
Me with JQ and Jess. Thanks for the invitations. :)
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