Tuesday, March 26, 2013

PINK, My Favouite Colour & Samsung Galaxy Note II in PINK

Everyone knows I ♥ PINK. My life is full of PINK! I wear PINK clothing & shoes, I use PINK pensel to write, I put on PINK lip gloss & lipstick and all are just PINK, PINK & PINK. PINK, is simply a lovely, sweet and adorable colour!
 This is my favourite PINK t-shirt!
I wear PINK cheong sam for Chinese New Year and PINK dresses for events and parties! Oh, my spects is PINK too with Hello Kitty!
When comes to my training shoe, it's PINK too! I'm on training at least twice a week for my year end half marathon.
 PINK crystal bracelet.
 The super cute PINK Hello Kitty mirror. Just nice for daily use!
 This is the most important nothing PINK card when I do shopping! Shopping for new phone? The can't resist Samsung Galaxy Note II in PINK?
 PINK lingerie too! But I just can't show you in this blog post! *Shy*
Dress in PINK to join the PINK charity campaign! 
With all all my busy and exciting life and I found a new phone to complete my PINK life!
Samsung Galaxy Note II in PINK 
 It's my favourite PINK phone!
I was in Samsung store in Mid Valley to check out this phone.
This is Samsung Galaxy Note II in PINK is a limited edition phone! Means they are come in limited quantity only!
The selling price is at RM2299.
More info at:


HenRy LeE said...

wow! pink enthusiast! :D

cre8tone said...

so, did you get yourself one? Lovely pink phone..

ZhengNorahs said...

Henry: Yes, PINK!

ZhengNorahs said...

Tempted to get one!!!

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