Thursday, May 23, 2013

An Easy Way to Look my Dream House @PropertyPlus

In mandarin we have “家是我温暖的避风港!’ which means “My home is warm haven”. Before I can afford to own a house, I have to rent a place to stay. The usual way I’m looking for renting a house or a room, is through newspaper. Which means I must have the RED or GREEN marker pen with me to circle the potential place I’m interested and then call to find out more based on the phone number provided? No photos can be seen on newspaper! 
 Now, with all the access to internet and online website.  I have an easy way to search for my dream house to rent or to own it!

Introduce to you the PropertyPlus!
PropertyPlus, has been successfully adopted in other countries and the great news is our Malaysia very own PropertyPlus gonna launch soon!  Many of you may ask what is PropertyPlus? Well, PropertyPlus is a group buying portal that aggregates the buying power of individuals and creates the ultimate discount platform for property seeker.

One of the benefit of PropertyPlus is they provide a “membership-free and cost free” channel for property buyers & investors to secure better discounts from property developers which individually, they will never be able to achieve. Not only that, PropertyPlus is advised by experienced and reputable individuals who help negotiate the best property deals for their buyers. 

Who are the heroes to help us, the buyers to get the affordable deals for our property? (Well, this is very important to me because I’m a newbie in property investement) PropertyPlus management team comprises highly experienced individuals in the real estate and finance background. With over 150 years of relevant combined industry experience, the team is well qualified to chart the company to great heights.The Board will include 5 professionals who each have vast experience in the property development industry/real estate consultancy practice/finance and investment.

The reasons I want to choose PropertyPlus:

1. We can get Bulk Discounts!

  • PropertyPlus follows the group buying concept and enables like-minded individuals to purchase similar kind of properties. When many people buy together, they allow the developer to sell in large volume at a lower price.  
  • Hence, PropertyPlus are able to help their buyers secure better pricing when they buy through PropertyPlus than if they were to approach the developer directly. Even in the worst case scenario whereby we manage to sell only 1 unit, the price will be the same as given out by the developer. In conclusion, you have nothing to lose and all to gain!

2. The Transparent Deal!

  • PropertyPlus emphasizes transparency in all the deals we offer. All project information listed on the website is what buyers will get. There is also no mark-up pricing

3. We can get the Full Service Support from PropertyPlus!

  • PropertyPlus provides buyers detailed information of all project listings. Besides that, PropertyPlus also assist their buyers in the entire sales process i.e. securing bank loan, documentation work, signing SPA, etc. PropertyPlus make the entire sales process as seamless  as possible for our customers.

4. It’s FREE, We Do Not Charge Our Buyers Anything

  • Investors are not required to sign up as members and do not need to pay any entrance or annual membership fees. PropertyPlus service is completed FREE of charge!

Wow, with all the benefits I stated above, I just can’t wait for the PropertyPlus group buying portal to launch in Malaysia!  

Quickly register on as the first 1,000 sign ups will enjoy free premium memberships. Besides that, they will also be giving out iPad 4 to the TOP 5 SHARES!  

Visit and Facebook page at out more by calling 010-3731837 or email to for any enquiries.


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