Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Healthy Life with Samsung Galaxy Life

During my CNY gathering, one of my cousins was browsing an interesting app with a lot of cool deals and discount. Out of curiosity, I asked her what new phone app she was using. Guess, what? It’s the Samsung’s latest mobile app, Samsung Galaxy Life!
Being a Samsung user for almost two years, this latest Samsung Galaxy Life mobile app definitely is a great reward app from Samsung to their loyal users like me! ^-^
I just can’t wait to explore this exclusive and privilege mobile app by Samsung. I download the FREE mobile app from Google Play Store, 
I don't have to create a new account as I’m an existing Samsung user. Once I login with my password, I can start to search for all the great deals.
The Samsung Galaxy Life surprises me with their daily deals with discount coupons, selection and reviews of apps and rewards.
 Basically it has 7 categories:
Life, Entertain, Learn, Play, Connect, Work and Surprise.  

I already use the RunKeeper app in LIVE category to track all my running workouts and race.  
When I was browsing through the daily deals, I saw the Rapid Fusion Fitness promotion. Apart from running, I need to have other fitness activities to have a healthy life. 
Alright, I just need bootcamp training for more fitness and the Rapid Fusion Fitness is an outdoor fit-bootcamp.
I click “Redeem” the Rapid Fusion Fitness promotion voucher. 
Once I have “redeem” the promo voucher, I make a phone call to them and I’m ready for their 1st fitness class.
My 1st Rapid Fusion Fitness class was at Desa Park City Soccer Field. It was an hour class and this class really make me sweat a lot! Sweat more, burn more fats and become healthy! 
When I arrived, all I need to do was showed them my promotion voucher and they just sign me up for the class!
  The biggest surprise was, a RM100 off the usual price when I redeem this voucher through Samsung Galaxy Life! 
The trainers are very friendly and helpful. “My last fitness training was like few years ago. I’m a newbie to this class, “I told the trainer.
We started with a short warm up session and then we were divided into three small groups for fitness activities.
There were three activities for today’s class and each activity lasted for 30 seconds and we were rotate to another activity. 

This go on and on for the next 45 minutes.
 One of the training the TRX training.
This TRX training may look easy but I can tell it is a challenging training.

Basically the TRX is a unique training where I use my own body weight and gravity as resistance for movements.

This is a great cardiovascular workout.
 Just to share with you more photos of me during this fitness class.


Thanks to all the friendly trainers and I did enjoy this fitness class. I just can’t wait for next fitness class! So, who want to join me to this class? 

All you have to do is download the Samsung Galaxy Life from Google Play Store, search for the daily great deals and others exciting rewards. Click “redeem” and join me to a great life!

Samsung Galaxy Life is your passport to a healthy life!
What are you waiting for? 
Visit Samsung Mobile Malaysia Facebook Page for more info and

download Samsung Galaxy Life at Google Play Store


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