Monday, February 17, 2014

The Malaysia Women Marathon 2014 : Dream, Believe and Become.

Another 28 days will be the Malaysia Women Marathon 2014.
The theme for MWM 2014 is  
 Dream, Believe and Become.   
I still remember the day I joined this 1st women marathon in Malaysia was last year, 7th April 2013. I was still a newbie in running. I joined the 8km run and I was lucky to be the top 30 and brought back the limited finisher pendant.
For this year, the MWM is back on 16th March 2014 in Shah Alam!
MWM, the  1st women marathon  from South Asia to New Zealand.  It is the event  where women come together to encourage one another to go the distance and know they can run the marathon because simply, they can.   
I'll be running my very 1st full marathon in MWM 2014
The MWM is the marathon where you can meet a woman running legend and be inspired. It's the run where women know they can because there is no stopping them.  It’s where you want to be to finish the run with your “sole sisters”.  
Proudly presented by Tourism Selangor and with IGM Sdn Bhd, MWM 2014 is not just any other run,  it has a 3 day program.  This event will be held in Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan  with the support from Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam and endorsed by various Selangor State excos such as the Exco of Tourism,  Exco of Youth and Sports, Exco of Women Affairs and Welfare; and lastly the Exco of Health and Entrepreneurship.
It will start of with a women dialogue session for the first day,  workshops for the second from various group and even our sponsors . The run is the penultimate of the event. The concept of the Malaysia Women Marathon is to invite a running legend to grace the event, be keynote speaker and inspire with their life achievement stories.   Thus MWM  focuses on delivering motivation and guidance for development  whether physically or psychologically.  MWM is meant  to create the opportunity for women to grow their confidence and self- esteem via sport or more active lifestyle from running. 
For MWM 2014,  the focus on the women dialogue session is not merely on running. MWM has invited top notch women corporate profiles and activist on women movement to be panel speaker.
MWM 2014 workshops will be conducted by Catherine Nderaba, 4 times Boston marathon champion and 2 times world champion.  She hails from Kenya. Her journey into being a world champion came with a powerful story of her being a mother first and how she had balance all that is needed in life and surpass the obstacles emerging as a champion, not once but multiple time.  Couple on the Run will return to speak about Partnerunning and we will have several top notch runners from Australia representing Skir Sports.
MWM created history last year to give Malaysia its first women marathon.  This year MWM encourages the ladies to run better as this is the marathon for all women do better than you can truly be.  For if one does not start somewhere,  they will never arrive.

Here are some photos I took during the MWM 2014 1st Running Clinic with Katherine Switzer and the press conference.
Kathrine Switzer, the first woman who run the Boston Marathon as a numbered entry was with us in the MWM 2014 Running Clinic.
 The MWM 2014 mentors
 With MWM Race Director, Karen Loh.
With Kathrine Switzer.
Press Conference for MWM 2014:
 Running clinic @Padang Merbok.
Dream your goals,   
Believe in that you can and
when you believe, you Become.

See you on 16th March 2014!
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