Friday, April 22, 2011

Bimba & Lola Spring/Summer 2011, luxe tropics x ibiza Launch Party

Bimba & Lola unveiled their Spring/Summer 2011 Collection, Tropical and Under the Sea during a launch party at Zouk KL.

Before I attended the Bimba & Lola Spring/Summer 2011, luxe tropics x ibiza Launch Party, I received a very cute invite and it stated:

For men, the dress code are


And for women, the dress code are


A photo session for all the invited guests with the sailor girl and sailor boy at the main entrance of Bimba & Lola Spring/Summer 2011, luxe tropics x ibiza Launch Party.
(Photo courtesy of Bimba & Lola Facebook)
The Bimba & Lola Spring/Summer 2011, luxe tropics x ibiza Launch Party at the Zouk KL. Media, fashion bloggers, Bimba & Lola members, Zouk Club members and VIP Card participating merchants were present at this party.
Bimba & Lola is a new Spanish brand a project by Maria and Uxia Dominguez, of Jesus Dominguez (founding partner of Adolfo Dominguez) and Sociedad Tetil Lonia. Currently, Bimba & Lola have a total of 550 shops worldwide.

The emcee of this party was Aliza Elizabeth. Diana Koon, Marketing Director of Bimba & Lola Malaysia was invited to give the opening speech. In her speech, she introduced  the two latest Spring/Summer 2011 Collections, Tropical and Under the Sea.
 Tropical and Under the Sea  are definitely bring a great fashion excitement for those who love easy-to-wear new look.
The Tropical captures the silhouette of the 50s and 70s with supersized shapes that make bold statements, while Under the Sea is inspired of the 50s and 70s shapes created in the 1920s scorching

Eight models kick-off with the fashion showcase. Let's have a look of the Bimba & Lola Spring/Summer 2011 Collection!

The basis of Tropical are the Midi-length dresses and skirts. Take note, the Midi-length dresses and skirt are still on the rage in this season.

Matching bags in classisc forms complement the tropical feel of the Tropical collection.

Use of light fabrics such as plumeti, tulle, silk gauzes and lace in Under the Sea collection.

Want Under the Sea extreme sophistication and femininity? That's easy, just match your look with the Bimba & Lola ceramic jewelleries.

Wanna have the Tropical look like the Bimba & Lola models? Its very simple, just with accessories that feature fruit and bird motifs goes hand-in-hand with the season's strappy and cork wedge sandals.

More photos of  Bimba & Lola Spring/Summer 2011 Collection......

The eight models after the fashion showcase.

Three lucky guests on stage for Q & A Session. Janoah was one of the guest to go on stage.

Jess, Kelly, Me, Diana Koon, Wendy and Xavier.
(Photo courtesy of Bimba & Lola Facebook)

 The Bimba & Lola post!

For more information do visit or Bimba&Lola Malaysia Facebook

Want to get the Bimba & Lola Spring/Summer 2011 collection? Visit their stores at The Garden Mall and 1 Utama.


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