Friday, April 15, 2011

Winners for the JustNorahs Giveaway: f.o.x Complimentary Make-up Lesson Vouchers

Congratulations to my 10 followers for winning the f.o.x Complimentary Make-up Lesson Vouchers. Some of them are so sweets, they participated the giveaway to win the make-up vouchers for the girl friend. The 10 winners are:

1.) Tiffany Tai
2.) Shii Teck
3.) Georgie
4.) Vincci
5.) Chloe
6.) Mai (Sarah)
7.) Carmen Hong
8.) CKY
9.) Paul
10.) LiLian

You will be receiving an email regarding the voucher's collection.
 Thank you for participating and support to JustNorahs. :)


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