Sunday, November 11, 2012

Introducing Dermalogica 2012 Holiday Gift Sets for Healthy and Glowing Skin

Time flies! In less than 50 days, we gonna celebrate the 2012 Christmas! I already started thinking about this festive gift sets! 
Introducing to you the 
Dermalogica® 2012 Holiday Gift Sets!
The colourful shopping bag from Dermalogica® and it's fill with one, two or a few of the Christmas gift sets!
 Colourful holiday gift sets in AsterSpring 1 Utama.
Dermalogica® first started to put its bestselling products into festive gift sets last year, which became an instant hit with customers. 
In 2012, the festive gift sets are back by popular demand! 
Guess what? 
This time the festive gift sets in an array of colorful and exciting bags!
All gift sets or bags are available in bright orange, exciting magenta and refreshing green to compliment the festive season.
Dermalogica® 2012 Festive Gift Sets come in three different bag designs and is available in three vibrant colors.  Each of these bags contains a winning combination of products to suit every individual’s skin needs, making these gift sets or bags the perfect presents for yourself and others.

1.) The large Dermalogica® Skin Health Carry-All Bag set, RM520 (normal retail price of RM699.00) 
In this gift set, there is everything-you-need from Dermalogica® for a healthy and radiant complexion.  All products in this gift set are part of Dermalogica’s skin health system called the ‘grey line’ and are suitable for all skin-types for daily usage, day and night. 
Dermalogica® Skin Health Carry-All Bag set has:
  • Essential Cleansing Solution, 500ml
  • Daily Microfoliant, 13gm
  • Multi-active Toner, 250ml
  • Skin Smoothing Cream, 100ml  

 2.) The medium Dermalogica® Travel Pouch Gift Set, RM298 (normal retail price of RM418) This is the Dermalogica®’s all-time favorites in the medium 7pc Travel Pouch gift set. 
Dermalogica® Travel Pouch Gift Set has:
  • PreCleanse, 150ml
  • Multi-active Toner, 50ml
  • Gentle Cream Exfoliant, 10ml
  • Intensive Eye Repair, 4ml
  • Solar Defense Booster SPF50, 10ml
This gift set comes with the option of:
  • a 50ml Essential Cleansing Solution and 22ml Intensive Moisture Balance for dry skin
  • a 50ml Special Cleansing Gel and 22ml Skin Smoothing Cream for Normal to Dry skin.
3.)  The small Dermalogica® Toiletry Pouch Gift (RM88) This is a perfect gift set for those of you who love to pamper your skin and keep it fresh and hydrated daily. The limited edition Conditioning Body Wash cleanses and hydrates the entire body. Next, the Body Hydrating Cream helps to lock in moisture after cleansing, leaving skin smooth, moisturized and comfortable all day long.  A pair of rubber duckies is also included in this body care gift set for some splashing fun!
 Dermalogica® Toiletry Pouch Gift has: 
  • Conditioning Body Wash, 75ml
  • Body Hydrating Cream, 75ml
What is your favorite Dermalogica® 2012 Festive Gift Sets?

Dermalogica® 2012 Festive Gift Sets in colorful bags are available in all AsterSpring Signature, AsterSpring and Dermalogica® Consultation Pods as well as Dermalogica® authorized dealers nationwide.


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