Friday, November 23, 2012

Sunway Lagoon Launches The World First Waterplexx 5D ~ A new wet ride

I managed to arrive on time after the traffic jam and heavy rain on one Friday evening for a very exciting media launch event @Sunway Lagoon. I was advised to bring swimsuit, a change of cloths and a towel. Basically I'm gonna get wet as I'll will be experienced the world first Waterplexx 5D ~ a new wet ride @Sunway Lagoon!
The Waterplexx 5D is a water-based attraction which engages the rider’s sense of sight, sound and touch. This attraction is built using German and Austrian technology.
"As Sunway Lagoon celebrates 20 Fun Years, we are proud to say that that we stand bigger, better and stronger than ever before. We have delivered an entire generation with exciting experiences and fond memories – we will continue doing so by bringing the best attractions in the world,” said Mr. HC Chan, Chief Executive Officer of Sunway Shopping Malls and Theme Parks during the media launch. 
He added, “The launch of the world’s first Waterplexx 5D is just the beginning. We take pride in being the pioneers of introducing unique attractions to our visitors. Over the next few months, Sunway Lagoon will be bringing even more exciting attractions and promotions that will continue excite and amuse our visitors.” 
(L-R) Mr. HC Chan, CEO of Sunway Malls & Theme Parks (top row, 2nd from left) and Mr. Adron Leo, AGM of Sunway Lagoon (next to HC) launches Waterplexx 5D.

Members of media had a chance to experience the new water ride and we were invited to go in for the photo opportunity before the "wild & wet ride!" :)
 The Waterplexx 5D sits 36 people in every experience which lasts approximately 10 minutes.
The riders are then put in the midst of the action of the animated movie. Whether it is a pirate’s adventure or an underwater wonderland, visitors can expect to feel everything they see, from the gust of wind to a powerful gale.
Fog, smoke effects, water jets, fountains and mist - all packed into the ultimate, multi-sensory journey unlike any the world has ever seen.
 A big screen in the the three-tier hall for this new water ride.
Mr. HC Chan, CEO of Sunway Malls & Theme Parks also joined the members of media for the "wild & wet ride!"

Before the new water ride starts, I thought of wearing the disposable raincoat but at last I didn't. I decided to get wet and to experience the splashing adventure.
The World's first Waterplexx 5D is a splashing good time for all ages. You don't have to hide or cover as you will definitely get wet as the water comes from all directions. This new ride incorporates water jets and the movement of seats.
Are you ready to experience fog, mist, fountains and sprays at the World's First Waterplexx 5D ?
We all scream and get wet in Waterplexx5D
After the 1st round of ride, all of us just can't get enough of the 1st ride. Guess what? All of us, wanted to continue for the 2nd ride. Well, I consider myself as an adrenaline-junkies and if you are like me, this is a MUST-VISIT water ride in Sunway Lagoon. For the 2nd ride, I sat at different place and this time more water splashes, shoots and sprays! This is an awesome water ride! I really enjoyed this media event!

I'm looking forward to the the world’s largest water ride, Vuvuzela, targeted for the first quarter 2013. Vuvuzela towers at nearly 23 meters (76 feet) high and takes up six riders at a time through a thrilling series of twists and turns before plummeting them through the core of a 22-meter (72 feet) wide funnel. 

Sunway Lagoon invested with a total estimated investment of RM20 million for Waterplexx5D and Vuvuzela.
Great news: 
Sunway Lagoon is offering an unprecedented promotion to all Malaysian visitors in conjunction with the 20th anniversary festivities.  The first 1,000 Malaysians to purchase passes from the ticketing counters at Sunway Lagoon on the 20th of every month until March 2013 can enjoy all parks at only RM20
Sunway Lagoon open daily from 10am to 6pm.

For more information, 
call 603 5639 0000


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