Monday, December 3, 2012

Product Review: Freshel Pack & Massage Foam

Maybe some of you already noticed Kanebo Freshel already available at selected Watsons and SaSa stores. 
Let me introduce to you this ~Time-Saving Skincare~ 
Kanebo Freshel  is a reliable and high quality skin care series that offers multifunctional items containing carefully-selected ingredients, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid, and technologies to quickly and surely provide ingredients developed based on years of cosmetic research by skin specialist.
Kanebo Freshel ~Time-Saving Skincare~, is a perfect high quality skincare series for busy people who at the time want to stay beautiful. Freshel skincare also the right skincare for those who prefer simple step skincare and have super busy lifestyle.

Product lineup for Freshel skincare.

Simple steps to beautiful skin.
I have 3 Freshel cleansing products to share with you. In this blog post I'm gonna share with you my experience with Freshel Pack & Massage Foam.
L-R:  Freshel Pack & Massage Foam, Freshel Cleansing Lotion,  Freshel Clear Soap.

Freshel Pack & Massage Foam is a 3-in-1 product which act as massage foam, moisturizing pack and facial wash.
Massage foam
Moisturizing pack
Facial wash
Freshel Pack & Massage Foam comes in a size of 150g. It contains moisturizing ingredients such as:
  • Collagen <Moisturizer>
  • Hyaluronic acid <Moisturizer>
  • Fruit acid mix such as Bilberry extract, sugarcane extract, orange extract, lemon extract, and sugar maple extract <Keratin softener>
This is also a fragrance-free and no artificial coloring cleansing product.
The white spray from Freshel Pack & Massage Foam, is a beautifying carbonated foam. This beautifying carbonated foam makes skin dullness-free and smooth.

Remember to shake well before dispense one pump or appropriate amount on dry hand. Just one push of the spray nozzle, it produces a moist and thick- carbonated foam. Next, spread the carbonated foam over the entire face and start the massage step. I usually massage the carbonated foam gently in a circular motion for about 30 seconds and rinse thoroughly with  lukewarm water. The 30 seconds of massage helps to improve blood circulation and makes my skin radiant. 
After cleansing my face with Freshel Pack & Massage Foam, my skin feel soft, smooth and supple. This is due to the rich amount of moisturizing ingredients. My skin look brighter and radiant too! I continue my daily skincare routine with the Freshel All in One Gel, Whitening Gel and Freshel Mineral BB Cream. When I'm using my liquid foundation or two-way cake, my makeup seems to last longer. I really like this 3-in-1massage, cleanse and moisturizing product. One plus point is Freshel Pack & Massage Foam is selling at RM48. This price is quite affordable right?
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