Friday, January 4, 2013

Debenhams@ Starhill Gallery Launches New Café and 'Stairway to Debenhams'

Ever since the launching of the 'Stairway to Debenhams', which is the new entrance from Bintang Walk, more shopping for me @Debenhams, Starhill Gallery KL. :)
The launch of the new escalator is the first of its kind on Bukit Bintang as Starhill Gallery now allows convenient access to visitors straight to Debenhams directly from the street. Honestly, this is very convenient for me to enter to Debenhams. :)
Encapsulated by a sleek glass frame which complements the contemporary design of Starhill Gallery, the air conditioned escalator entrance brings visitors to new heights from Bintang Walk in comfort. 
The escalator will take visitors straight into Debenhams at Starhill Gallery’s Explore floor where they will be thrust into the latest Britain fashion.
Besides launches the 'Stairway to Debenhams', Starhill Gallery also launches the Debenhams Café which is available in different sections of Starhill Gallery. 
Guests can choose to relax with a cup of traditional British tea in the open air ambience of Bintang Walk at the foot of the escalator or on Starhill Gallery’s Explore floor right outside Debenhams, making it the perfect place to go after an exhilarating shopping experience.
 This is the Debenhams Café on Starhill Gallery’s Explore floor right outside Debenhams.
The Debenhams Café serve a variety of traditional British delicacies daily, including a range of healthy salads, scrumptious Prawn Cocktail Sandwiches, traditional Ham and Cheese Toasties and delicious Steak and Chicken Pies which are served with a helping of Mash Potato.
During the launch event, members of media were also invited to the Debenhams Café on Starhill Gallery’s Explore floor right outside Debenhams for a traditional British afternoon tea.
 Our traditional British afternoon tea set.
 There was a fashion show while we enjoying our traditional British afternoon tea.
British collection by top British designers.
Did you know that? 
The Starhill Gallery’s Debenhams which spread across 37,000 square feet is the largest Debenhams’ collections in Asia!
I had a great afternoon at Debenhams, Starhill Gallery KL.

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