Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Redken Curvaceous Media Launch @Toyako Loft Salon

New Year, new hair hair trend and new hair care products! NEW Redken Curvaceous is their latest range in the market specially formulated for curly girls - who has curly hair (naturally or permed hair).
The NEW Redken Curvaceous range.
The media launch was held @Toyako Loft Salon, Fahrenheit 88,Kuala Lumpur. It was also Toyako Loft Salon 2nd anniversary.
Redken’s curl technology is designed to provide solutions for the curly hair challenges such as:

  • dryness 
  • fragility 
  • dullness
  • frizz
  • lack of definition 
With the CURL MEMORY COMPLEX in the Redken Curvaceous range, it helps to restore hair’s healthy look and enhance its beauty. 
The set-up for the launch event @Toyako Loft Salon
Product introduction and the sharing for curly tend from 50s to 2000s.
The Curly trend:
Despite the boom in straightening and smoothing technologies such as BKT services and Japanese straightening, many curly women are moving away from blow-drying and are “going natural”. 

Let's learn a little about the Curl Science:
 1.) Curly hair is more fragile
  • Curly hair’s twists and turns cause cuticles to lift and weaken, which can leave hair rough. 
  • Natural curly hair tends to be more fragile than straight hair. 
  • The twist in hair weakens the fiber causing cracks at the tension points.
2.) Curly hair is more prone to frizz
  • Natural curly hair is also more prone to developing chronic frizz and unmanageability.
  • When curly hair is coarse, this means it’s dry and requires moisture to eliminate and prevent frizz.
3.) Curly hair appears duller
  • Natural curly hair is rarely able to achieve the same level of dazzling shine as naturally straight hair because light can become trapped inside the spirals of the curls or along ruffled curly cuticles.
4.) Curly hair is thirsty
  • Curls’ coils make it harder for hair’s natural oils to coat and moisturize each strand, resulting in parched, thirsty hair.
5.) Curly hair is plural
  • Curl patterns are various and difficult to diagnose. 
To help stylists better define each type of curl and wave, L’Oreal has designed the below Curl pattern Scale:
In order to facilitate the navigation and diagnosis, Redken created the below Curl scale. This scale is also incorporated into a diagnostic tool that the countries can easily print and build,
Although there tends to be a predominant curl pattern, different curl types are usually intermingled throughout a primary curl pattern. The average person with natural curls has an average of 2-4 different types of curls growing on their heads. This increases the challenge in choosing the right product and getting a consistent satisfying result.

The Curl Memory Complex
Curl Memory Complex nourishes, helps strengthens and reactivates for brilliant shine.
  • Sugar Crystals: Super sweet sugar polyol attracts moisture to curls and waves to reactivate their pattern. Curls become more bouncy and hydrated
  • Moringa Oil: Drench dry, dehydrated curls with a refreshing boost of moisture for playful bounce and shine. 
  • IPN (The Interlock Protein Network) : Composed of Soy Protein, acts at the tension point of “hi-stress” curls to give a boost of strength for all day manageability. 
  • UV filter: shield ringlets and helps protect colored curls and waves.

Moringa Oil +UV filters :
  • helps restore and maintain shine in each curve.
Sugar Crystals + Moringa oil:
  • helps retain moisture in hair and coats the cuticle to smooth the hair’s surface and reduce frizz while IPN answers the fragility issue encountered by curly hair.
The NEW Redken Curvaceous range:

1.) Curvaceous Cream Shampoo

  • for all types of curls and waves.  
  • Low lathering formula designed to gently cleanse curly hair without removing natural oils. Provides extra moisture when left longer on.
  • Cleanses stressed out curls and waves for hi-definition spring.
2.) Curvaceous Conditioner

  • for all types of curl and waves.
  • Can be used as a rinse-out or left in hair for more conditioning and curl definition. 
  • Creamy formula deposits weightless conditioning and intense moisture.
 3.) Curvaceous Full Swirl

  • for curls and spirals.
  • 2-in-1swirl formula mixes a controlling serum with a light weight cream.
  • Combination cream serum; controls frizz and locks in moisture for high shine, twisted locks.
 4.) Curvaceous Ringlet

  • for elastic curls.
  • A great foundation for product layering. Provide definition and frizz control and prepare curls to take any desired shape.
  • Frizz-free weightless control for curls that are ready to bounce and play.

This launch event also featuring the cut and perm hair trend 2013 collection by Toyako.

Redken hair products demo by Toyako hairstylists for the latest hair trend.
Lastly, a photo of me with Toyako founder. Thank you L'Oréal Professionnel Malaysia for the invitation.
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