Thursday, March 31, 2011

Win 'Never Say Never' Justin Bieber Movie Premier

Bieber Fever is heating up! Everyone is discussing how to win the 'Never Say Never' Justin Bieber Movie Premier and his concert tickets. That's very simple.With Tune Talk, the officially sponsor for Justin Bieber concert and his movie “Never Say Never” in Malaysia, I can watch his movie!

Wow, Tune Talk! 
Tune Talk is the latest mobile prepaid service provider in Malaysia with NATIONWIDE coverage. 
With Tune Talk, you automatically get
  • An opportunity to win one of the ten Free AirAsia E-Gift vouchers everyday
  • Free RM100,000 Personal Accidental Insurance Coverage underwritten by Etiqa
  • Option to change your number anytime
  • Super low flat rates nationwide to any number, anytime
  • And lots more!
To get you started, your SIM Pack is already preloaded with RM4.00 credit with 30 days validity for immediate usage!

In addition to voice call and SMS, you will also enjoy the following pre-activated services:
  • Call Waiting
  • CLIP (Caller Line Identification Presentation)
  • Data/Internet
  • Multi Party Conferencing
  • International Direct Dial and SMS
  • International Roaming
  • Voicemail
I work hard everyday and I deserve to get the best, to watch the Justin Bieber first movie  “Never Say Never”. Okay, fine, I admit this! I like Justin Bieber, even his is much younger than me. Why I like him? Simply because he is talented, success at his young age and I like his ongs! I like pop songs and Justin Bieber's songs are my favorite! From "One Time", "Somebody To Love", "Baby", "U Smile" to “Never Say Never”, I love all his songs. I am his secret fans....hehe

And  I am having Bieber Fever! One way to cure, let me go for the movie premier!

I believe in this phrase 'Never Say Never', as long as I work hard, believe in myself and DO NOT GIVE UP EASILY, I'll get it! I'll success in my life! Life is full of obstacles and I have to be strong and face it! Self confidence and continuous to work hard to chase my dreams. I believe 'Never Say Never'!

I am looking forward to attend Justin Bieber Movie Premier with Bieber fans. Thanks Tune Talk for sponsoring this movie premier and also Advertlets. 

Tune Talk also present Justin Bieber Live In KL Concert



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