Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Laurier Night Safe

How does a woman stay confident when she is having her period? The answer is fairly simple:-by choosing the right sanitary pad! Sanitary pads, the most intimate girls and women’s only product, plays a significant role in the monthly affairs of their life.

Kao Laurier is proud to present the new Laurier Night Safe. With Laurier Night Safe, you can slip into your dreams knowing that you will be comfortable and protected all night long.

Why choose the Laurier Night Safe?
It has a double air-layered surface that enables menstruation fluid to be absorbed twice as fast than current polyethylene (PE) napkins.
It traps the fluid within, keeping you dry throughout the night.
The ultra soft Laurier Night Safe’s center core is well designed as it adapts to the contour of the body, offering you a comfortable fit all night long.

In the latest Laurier Night Safe,
it has the New Quick Dry Mesh Surface will keep you 5 times dryer by transferring the menstrual fluid from the surface to the centre core quickly, where it will be retained. The innovative Quick Dry Mesh Surface reduces fluid retention by 80%, keeping you away from the stuffy uncomfortable feeling.
The new 360° all round leak guard keeps the fluid from spreading to the edges, while the wide hip guard and the triple back effectively prevents any leakage at the back. The leak guard further holds absorbent materials together to prevent bunching. For those who accustomed to washing their pads before disposal, this feature makes the job quicker and easier to do.

With these strong features, discomfort, uneasiness and the wet feel will be an experience of the past.
Quick Dry Mesh Surface 30cm (8pads for RM5.50)

Quick Dry Mesh Surface 30cm (16pads for RM10.50)

Quick Dry Mesh Surface 35cm (6pads for RM4.50)

 Quick Dry Mesh Surface 35cm (12pads for RM8.85)

Laurier Night Safe with the New Quick Dry Mesh Surface is now available in supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies throughout Malaysia.

Choose a sanitary pad that will constantly keep you dry. Choose Laurier Night Safe as your companion.


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