Friday, March 18, 2011

MAS Traveller Blogger Party@Neo Tamarind

End of last month, I attended the MAS Traveller Blogger Party at Neo Tamarind, Kuala Lumpur. It was an awesome party for the bloggers. Thanks Advertlets for the invitations. During this party, the Malaysia Airlines launched the 'I MAS Travel' competition,  and MHbuddy on Facebook.

 Welcome to the MAS Traveller Blogger Party! Look, I was wearing the sumo wrestling costumes!

 The theme for this party was "Your most creative holiday outfit” and this was my holiday outfit!

 Each of us were entitled for one of the above souvenirs. Guess, which souvenir I chose?

 Me posting with my souvenir.
 Destinations,Whats's New, Latest Travel Blogs, Featured Articles, Popular Destination etc...

 Fantastic Caricature

 They even setup a Blog Station for us to do the live blogging for this party.

 I met so many bloggers, such as Feeqs, Glam Pink, JoshuaLaw, Tammy,  BabieTanya,BabyRielz, Jessying and Sunshine365. We took a lots of photos during this party.

 Me with Glam Pink.

 The party was hosted by the beautiful Jojo Struys.

Special drum performance

 Maori Haka Warriors Dance

Speech by MAS Executive Vice President, Communications, Raja Zamilia Raja Dato' Straveller. According to him, the 'I MAS Travel' competition runs from 26 February until 1 April 2011 and participants can register at  The MAS set up this website is to inspire travel, presenting a platform for travellers to share their stories, providing the travellers with insightful tips on things to see, do and places to stay.

 The launch of the 'I MAS Travel' competition,  and MHbuddy on Facebook. 
Photo was taken from Jess's FB album

Below are the 4 simple steps to join the 'I MAS Travel' competition:

 1.) Register to become a MAStraveller member at


 2.) Submit a travel-related blog post.

 3.) Compile a one minute video introduction of yourself and inform the judges why you deserve to win.
4.) Promoting your entry to your friend and readers. Voting is just click away at the Facebook 'Like' buttons place together with every submission on MAStraveller.

The Top 15 highest scores will entitle entrants into the Finals and will be announced on 6 April 2011. 

 The three grand prize winners, each will win an all-expense-paid trip to:

a.) Paris, France + Auckland, New Zealand
b.) Cape Town, South Africa + Seoul, Korea
c.) Perth, Australia + Tokyo, Japan

 And  all the grand prize winners will also undergo Yahoo editorial training session in Singapore, to hone their writing skills.

Wow, the prizes are so attractive! So what are you waiting for? Join the 'I MAS Travel' competition now!

 Before the party ended, I managed to take a photo with Jojo.


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