Monday, October 10, 2011

WACOAL 2011 Pink Ribbon Campaign @ 1Utama Shopping Centre

As everyone knows, October is the international Breast Cancer Awareness month. On 1st of October 2011, Wacoal Malaysia launched its 8th years of breast cancer awareness campaign, WACOAL 2011 Pink Ribbon Campaign! This PINK Ribbon Campaign is to promote breast cancer awareness to all Malaysians.

I was lucky to be invited to attend the WACOAL 2011 Pink Ribbon Campaign Launch at Highstreet, 1 Utama Shopping Centre. Specially thanks to Jess.
Look, the giant PINK bra with the message "Early detection is the BEST PROTECTION" !
Breast cancer is a major killer of women in Malaysia. Wacoal Malaysia has been promoting the PINK Ribbon Campaign in the month of October since year 2003 through various channels all over the country.
Elaine Daly and Debbie Goh, our country's most inspiring beauty queens-turned artistes were engaged by Wacoal Malaysia for the WACOAL 2011 Pink Ribbon Campaign Launch this year. Elaine Daly our former Miss Malaysia Universe 2003 and the winner for Best Actress Anugerah Seri Angkasa 2010 together with Debbie Goh, Miss Malaysia Chinese International 1999 and Golden awards Most Popular Actress 2010 help to spread awareness on early detection of breast cancer.

In conjunction with WACOAL 2011 Pink Ribbon Campaign Launch, a two-day exhibition was launched at the same venue from 11am to 5pm on 1st and 2nd October 2011 to generate maximum awareness on breast cancer. 
There were fun activities and exclusive PINK RIBBON giveaways. 
Let's check out my fun, exciting and informative time @WACOAL "Let's PINK" Event!
Upon registered at the Media counter, I was  invited by the friendly Wacoal staff to join their fun activities at the exhibition. I was directed to the 1st booth: Registration. After I fill up my personal particulars, I was given a PINK card ~ Wacoal "Let's Pink" Event card for the fun booths. I have to visit at least 4 booths to collect the PINK Chop. 1 BONUS CHOP was given at the 1st booth!
2nd booth: Doctor Advice. I was given a form for breast examination. Two special rooms were setup for breast examination by the invited female doctors from Assunta Hospital. The invited female doctors  provided personal consultations and breast screening on a complimentary basis. Remember: " EARLY Detection is the BEST PROTECTION"!
3rd booth: REMAMMA. The Wacoal's  REMAMMA products specially designed for those who have undergone operations for breast cancer. Wacoal consultant explained to me the material for the REMAMMA products.
Wacoal's REMAMMA Bra & Prosthesis are made of non-toxic permeable fiber and silicon. The Prosthesis comes in various demensions, weights and heights for better shape and fit.
Some information for Wacoal's REMAMMA Bra & Prosthesis.
4th booth: PINK Fit. Wacoal's experienced consultant took my measurements and help me to find the right bra size.
Useful information on "The Correct Way To Wear A Bra", ""Do you know your size" and "Know your shape".
The latest designs for PINK month! The colour are so sweets! I wish I could have all of these!
Contribution: With just contributed RM20, visitors were given one of these lovely Wacoal Jia camisole. I own 2 of them! :)
5th booth: PINK Fun. The event  emcee from FlyFm asked a simple question and if you know the answer, a special PINK gift is yours! I won a PINK gift from this fun booth! :) Remember : "HELP BEAT BREAST CANCER! "
6th booth: PINK Spread. I have visited all the booths and finally I am at the last booth where I was given a sticker to write a message to spread to all the visitors! Remember: "Stand UNITED against BREAST CANCER!".
The FREE gift from Wacoal Malaysia to thank the visitors for joining the breast cancer awareness fun booths.

The WACOAL 2011 Pink Ribbon Campaign Launch started with the appearance of our Malaysians beauty-queens, Elaine Daly and Debbie Goh. They onstage share their tips with us on how to lead a healthy lifestyle and on breast cancer prevention.
The WACOAL 2011 Pink Ribbon Campaign has officially launched!
Photo session!
Mr Hisau Sugiyama, Executive Director of Wacoal Malaysia and Mr Vincent Leong, Director/General Manager of Wacoal Malaysia presented a gift to  its  partnerships, Parkson Corporation and Assunta Hospital.
The Let's PINK catwalk begin!
PINK Mission by Elaine Daly and Debbie Goh together with the PINK RIBBON Campaign supporters!
Elaine Daly and Debbie Goh
Me with the Elaine Daly and Debbie Goh
Let's support the Pink Ribbon Campaign & together BEAT BREAST CANCER!


Jessying said...

Very nice camisole you bought there!! Lots how pink is the event and the massage they want to bring out !!!! And you have very nice photos with this new camera... totally worth the investment!

ZhengNorahs said...

Thank you. PINK is my favorite colors and I always love to buy pink tops and now PINK camisole. I totally agree with you for investing in a good camera! :) I still have a lots more to learn.

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