Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Clinique Star Tour 2011 Winner Announcement!

 The Clinique Star Tour 2011 Winner Announcement event was held at Zouk Cafe, Gardens.
Shermaine Leong , Alicia Tan and 
Alena-Marie Atkinson.
The CLINIQUE Star Tour 2011 kicked off on 2 July 2011 @Sunway Pyramid and the “Mobile Makeover Studio”  has  traveled across the cities in Klang Valley, Melaka, Ipoh and ending in Pennag, providing young women with the opportunity to learn more of their skin concerns, experience makeup application and hair styling by a team of skilled experts as well as have their photo taken by a photographer expert typically reserved for supermodels and celebrities. I joined the The CLINIQUE Star Tour 2011 and here is My Star Treatment @Clinique Star Tour 2011.

During the campaign, more than 2200 participated in the contest where their photos were uploaded to the Clinique Star Tour website. The judges then short listed 330 participants of which Malaysians then voted their top 25 favorites. During the voting phase 49422 visited the website with 11418 people voted! From these narrowed 25 hopefuls, Clinique and Cleo picked the top 3 girls.
Sharyn Wong, General Brand Manager enthuses, "Clinique Star Tour has been a successful and adrenalin high campaign for us. This is our 2nd year running, and going beyond fashion and beauty, we enhanced Star Tour 2011 programme rooting in aspirational value where the winners get a sit-down session with a role model of their career aspirational choice. This year's response has been extremely encouraging surpassing last year's signed-up."
Speech by Lu Jing Shia, CLEO new editor.
Congratulations to Alicia Tan for winning the Clinique Star Tour 2011!

The runner-ups are Alena-Marie Atkinson and Shermaine Leong.

Alicia Tan, an Accounting and Finance Degree student at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus shared with us her career aspirations.
 Alena-Marie Atkinson, as aspiring law student.
Shermaine Leong, currently pursuing her business degree.
Alicia will appear on the cover of CLEO November issue. Each winner receives RM5000 worth of Clinique products personalized to their skin needs.
Me with Jess

For more information, visit http://cliniquestartour.com.my/


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