Thursday, October 6, 2011

My first Soak-Off Gel Nail Polish Experience @ BMIC Nail Spa Salon

Its BMIC time again! 
In this blog post, I'm gonna share with you my 1st Soak-off Gel Nail Polish experience @BMIC Nail Spa Salon. 
Some of you may be wondering what's Soak-off Gel Nail Polish?
Well, the Soak-off Gel Nail Polish is a nail polish treatment dry under the UV light.

Have you try the Soak-off Gel Nail Polish? 
The Soak-off Gel Nail Polish comes in a wide choices of colors. There are so many colors and I was facing the tough moment to choose the colors. 
Which color should I choose?

Jeng! Jeng! Jeng!
I chose this color, glitter pink!

Here it goes the usual steps for manicure!
Remove my old nail polish.
Cut, shaping, removing dead cuticle and  smoothen nail surface before painting the 3-in-1 gel nail polish.
Look, my clean and neat nails and they are ready to paint with the 3-in-1 gel nail polish!
Benefits of Soak-Off Gel Nail Polish  compare to traditional nail polish:
  • fast drying - nail polish dries within minutes under the UV light
  • long lasting - it lasts for 2 to 3 weeks
  • less damaging to nails

My nails started to paint with glitter pink nail polish!
Paint ---> UV Light Box ---> Dry
Next,  Soak-UV Top Coat was applied onto the dried painted nails.
A special finishing wipe was used to remove the excess on top of nails.
OPI Avo Juice lotion for hand massage. Take a guess which OPI Avo Juice I choose to use in  hand massage?
I chose the OPI Avo Juice PEACH to use in hand massage!
My first Soak-Off Gel Nail Polish treatment at BMIC just took about 40 minutes, inclusive the hand massage session. I love my glitter pink  Soak-Off Gel Nail Polish! 

BMIC Nail Spa Salon
S18, Pamper Floor Starhill Gallery Shopping Centre
181 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : (603) 2148 1818


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