Thursday, May 31, 2012

Product Review: StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Booster Serum

I always want to have more youthful radiance skin with less sun spots, dark spots and age spots! I'll use many ways to prevent and to "minimize" the cause of my spots, whether it’s:
  • sun damage OR
  • the natural aging process, hyperpigmentation occurs when the melanocytes in skin go awry, and transfer too much pigment to the keratinocytes. 
StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Booster Serum is one of the newly launched StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White products and it's also one of the product that I have been using for the past 14 days.
Can I achieve more translucent and even-toned skin with less hyperpigmentation after14 days of using StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Booster Serum? Continue to read and I'll revealed it to you......
Let's start with product introduction for StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White range!
Currently this range just launched 3 StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White products and the StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Night Cream will be launch soon. The 3 products are:
  1. StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Booster Serum
  2. StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Spot Repair
  3. StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Day Lotion SPF 30
About the The StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White products:
  • Contains proprietary accelerator NIA-114™ 
  • Clinically proven to reduce the size of individual dark spots by 82% in 12 weeks
  • Creating a 90% improvement in the overall appearance of facial melasma
  • Work to build a stronger, healthier skin barrier, and normalize the transfer of pigment. 
Alright, back to my review product!
The 30ml (1.7 oz) StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Booster Serum comes in a convenient and hygienic pump dispenser packaging. With its pump dispencer, make it easy to control the amount to be used in each application.
The ingredients for StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Booster Serum.

Key Ingredients:
  • Proprietary NIA-114™ (niacin, in the form of Nicotinic Acid) targets the triggers that cause hyperpigmentation by normalizing the transfer of pigments, and rebuilding skin health so you can hold onto new radiance. 
  • Natural Tyrosinase Inhibitors, Vitamin C and Synovea® Skin Brightener (hexylresorcinol), help to regulate melanin formation, which is the source of dark spots, sun spots and age spots. 
  • Vitamin C (stable ascorbyl glucoside) diminishes melanin production, reduces existing melanin, stimulates collagen and acts as a strong antioxidant. 
  • Willowbark Extract, a natural form of salicylic acid, generates cell turnover to shed pigmented cells and improve skin texture.  
  • Betaine, from Sugar Beet, a natural skin softener, minimizes transepidermal water loss (TEWL) for an overall smoother, healthier-looking complexion.
  • Pomegranate Extract, a powerful antioxidant, aids in enhancing cell turnover.
This product claims that can achieve the following results:
Week 2 
  • Skin turnover accelerates; skin tone appears brighter
Week 4 
  • Excess pigmentation diminishes; new radiance begins
Week 8 
  • Pigmentation normalizes; dark spots visibly fade; skin appears luminous
Week 12
  • 85% of women saw a reduction in discolorations, and skin appeared youthful and glowing
The StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Booster Serum has light and milky texture. This make it easy and quick to absorb when I apply it on my face after toner and before I continue with my moisturizer. Of course, I apply suncreen after my moiturizer in day time.
I usually use 1-1.5 pumps for each application, smooth over entire face and massage into skin. I usually massage more on targeted areas (brown spots and scars areas). Immediately my skin looks a little brighten! This  due to the ability of my skin to reflect light (StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Booster Serum boost my skin ability to reflect light) and it shows the brightening luminosity!

The skin analysis results I received after my 14 days of using the StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Booster Serum are shown as below:
The biggest improvement was my skin evenness. My skin evenness from "Intensive care needed" category has improved to "ok" category! I was like "WOW!"when I see this results! :) 
Moisture level has also shown an improvement from "Intensive care needed" category to "ok" category. Pores and oiliness also show an improvement after 2 weeks of using this product!

Remember this question I asked in the beginning of this post?
Can I achieve more translucent and even-toned skin with less hyperpigmentation after14 days of using StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Booster Serum?
The answers is "YES!"
Check out the photos I took before and after using the StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Booster Serum in just 14 days!
Overall, my skin looks brighter and radiant. Improve evenness of my skin tone. Lighten my newly formed acne scars on my forehead. I noticed my brown spot near to my left eye has slightly lighten up but it's hard to capture with my camera.

This StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Booster Serum is a light and non-greasy serum. It's non-comedogenic and paraben-free. I'll continue to use this serum and I have confidence my other brown spots will become visibly lighten after 8 weeks of applications. :)

The StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Booster Serum is currently available at STRIVECTIN counters in PARKSON PAVILION, KLCC, 1 UTAMA, GURNEY PLAZA, ISETAN The Gardens and METROJAYA Mid Valley at a price of RM347 (30ml / 1.7 oz).


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