Monday, July 9, 2012

1st Week of July 2012

July is a fabulous month. Full of colours and parties! It's just the 1st week of July and I had so much fun with:

Jessying Colourful Rainbow High Tea Party @Scott Garden
(All the photos for Jessying party are taken from
Group photo
Lucky draws session with the host, Jess Lee
My Red Team ~Cheery~ for the styling game during Jessying party.
Me and Ju Li busy styling our model, Caroline. She look fabulous with the red little dress!
The lady boss, Jess and her team for this party: Amelia, Tian Chad, Ellis, Ju Li, Shannon and me!

GO FORTH 'This is a Pair of Levi's®' Campaign 
& Fall/Winter 2012 Collection Fashionshow 
@Zebra Square
Continuing the spirit of GO FORTH, the Levi’s® brand kick-started the second phase of the campaign entitled ‘This is a Pair of Levi’s®’ with a fashion showcase featuring key trends from its Fall/Winter 2012 collection.
 Go Forth - This is a pair of Levi’s®’ is inspired by the ritual of ‘getting dressed’.
Fall/Winter 2012 collections
A full write-up for this media event is coming up soon.

Launch of Shiseido Professional STAGEWORKS @ Annex Federal Hotel
 Me and Jess
 The stage
Shiseido StageWorks Hair Show
 Hair show by Malaysia top hairstylist.
Shiseido Professional team, top hairstylists and models on stage after the awesome hair show.

Palace of the Golden Horses Afternoon Tea Party
@Palace of the Golden Horses 
ntv7 Feel Good Run 2012 
All photos were taken with my old HTC phone. The  photos quality were......
 Me my sister joined the ntv7 Feel good Run 2012  - 7 km on 8th July 2012.

 That's all for now. 
Arrg......Monday's Blue. :(


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