Wednesday, September 4, 2013

~Mary Quant~ The New Makeup @MUSE by Watsons

How was your weekends? Anything interesting to share? 
I had great weekends and there is one new makeup brand I would like to share with you girls. ^-^
Mary Quant is a makeup brand by fashion designer Mary Quant. Mary Quant recognizes cosmetics as fashion. For her, total coordination, created by combining makeup and fashion to express a sense of oneself, is called a 'look'.
I attended the Mary Quant makeup workshop @MUSE by Watsons with a group of beauty bloggers. The makeup artist for the workshop was Miss Takaki from Japan.
Miss Takaki introduced to us the Special Recipe skincare series and the Makeup base that applied on the model's face. 
The Special Recipe skincare series have the functions of natural essence such chamomile, daisy, rosemary, wild thyme and honey. The price for this skincare series is ranging from RM119 -  RM159.
For the base makeup, Mary Quant has two makeup base and an eye makeup base.
1.) Oil Zap (RM119) is an oil control makeup base that provides matte finish and can prevent makeup from coming off by controlling shine due to excess sebum.
2.) Moisture Zap (RM129) is a moisture infusion makeup base that has high moisturizing properties that helps makeup last longer.
3.) Eye Gloss (RM79) is a treatment eye foundation.
Mary Quant Obedient Finish Oil Free Foundation. This foundation comes with SPF20PA ++ and price at RM135 (30g). This foundation has 6 shades. It spreads smoothly and adheres to skin well. This foundation can prevent shine and makeup coming off due to sebum , maintain even skin for long hours.
 She started with eye makeup and follow by face and lip makeup.
The Eye Opener (RM49) is powder eye shadow. The colour comes out brightly adheres well. The texture is velvety and smooth.
The Talkative Eyes (RM99) is a liquid eyeliner with MQ's original brush. This liquid eyeliner comes with  quick dry formula and it lasts all day. Plus this is a waterproof eyeliner.
Top: The Action Lashings (RM109). This a lengthening mascara that comes with MQ's original two-sided coil and chip brush, which features short raised bristles on one side, and the Oil Gel Formula that gives the mascara its elasticity. It has 'Anti colour-fading effects' and 'waterproofing effect' to prevent smudging on the lower eyelid.

Bottom: The Blush Baby (RM75) , power cheek blush that comes in 14 colours. This power cheek blush gives a beautiful velvety finish to our makeup.
The Out Line (RM59) colour pencil comes in 19 shades. This is a waterproof eye liner that last for a long time.
The Colourshine For Lips (RM99) lip gloss. This lip gloss add lustre and volume to lips.
The moisture rich lipstick (RM108) that comes in 20 shades in Malaysia. 
Miss Takaki done with her makeup on the beautiful model!
 Alright, it's time for beauty bloggers to try the MQ makeup.
Me with the friendly Miss Takaki.
 Group photo with Miss Takaki.
Mary Quant is currently available at MUSE by Watsons, Sunway Pyramid.


cheayee said...

wow... this make up brand is as old as my mother...

I remember seeing advertisements in Female magazine (or something like that in the 1980s).

i was still in primary school

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

Gonna check out this makeup brand soon! ^^

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