Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kings & Queens of Comedy Asia is back!

My dearest readers, prepare to laugh your hearts out!


The “Kings and Queen of Comedy Asia” (K&Q) is back on 18 & 19 November 2011 bringing the best Asian comedy talents from around the world.

The inaugural show in October 2010 was the first of its kind and a runaway success with sold out shows in the Plenary Hall, KLCC and Singapore Conference Hall. The show was a full production with launch and closing gambit, multimedia integration, high-definition live feed, lights and sound extravaganza.
The event was a major hit with highly positive feedback from both the public and media. The comedians thoroughly entertained the crowd and surprisingly, people had different takes on who they found funniest on the night – with all 5 comedians receiving almost equal kudos for tickling their fancies.
This year, we are presenting 5 major comics – led by comedy superstar Sugar Sammy from Canada, the funniest Japanese American you will have ever known, Paul Ogata and Chinese-English speaking funny man Vivek Mahbubani from Hong Kong. Harith Iskander, our proudest comedy export who aims to go global in 2012 will be representing Malaysia and hosted by none other than the divalicious Joanne Kam.

Sugar Sammy
We have an impressive line up consisting of Sugar Sammy who can do comedy in fluent English, French, Punjabi and Hindi. His HBO Canada was one of the network’s highest rated TV Special.
Paul Ogata
Paul Ogata is probably the funniest comedian ever to step on The Comedy Club Asia stage. He has recently fine-tuned his performance and created a monster set that makes audiences everywhere cry with laughter.
Vivek Mahbubani
Vivek Mahbubani who has won stand-up comedy competitions for both English and Chinese category and is now one of the biggest faces of comedy in Hong Kong. 
 Harith Iskander 
Harith Iskander is the first Malaysian comedian who is deemed “ready for the world stage” after successfully performing in front of a global audience multiple times. A comedian’s material needs to mature to a point where can be accepted by multiple types of audience before embarking on a world tour.
 Joanne Kam
Joanne Kam, is one of the very few Asian female stand-up comic who has carved a career in this male dominated industry. Even last year’s Queen, Kumar from Singapore, is a drag queen and not female.
Show Info:
Venue: Plenary Hall, KLCC
Date: 18th and 19th of November 2011
Show time: 8.30 pm – 11.00 pm (2.5 hours)
Tickets: RM 88, RM 128, RM 198, RM 298
Singapore will also be hosting the Kings and Queen of Comedy Asia 2 on the 28th and 29th October 2011 at the Esplanade Theatre.

For tickets purchasing, here
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