Monday, April 2, 2012

My New ♥ Sunblock!

Besides attending events on weekends, I love to shop! I love shopping for cloths, shoes, bags, skincare, cosmetics and postcards. If you ask me where’s my favourite shopping place? The answer is weekend street market and fashion bazaar.
 There are so many unique and fashionable things capturing my heart!
Some weekend street market and fashion bazaar are outdoors, means I’m exposing to the scary UV rays! Sometimes I do use an umbrella when doing my shopping at fashion bazaar but it only give me up to 50% of ambient protection.
Why I afraid of big bad UV rays?
Because UV will make me age faster! This scary UV rays will damage my skin’s collagen and causing……
Dark spots, pigmentation & freckles!!!
 Wrinkles & saggy skin!!!
 Oh, my!
What to do?
We should apply sunblock with at least SPF 50+ everyday after our daily skincare regime!
Yes, everyday!
But sunblock is very sticky and oily right?
Plus sunblock has one kind of smell.
Not nice   >_<

Don’t worry! 
I found an awesome sunblock which is:
·        non oily
·        non sticky
·        cooling & hydrates skin
·        value for money
I have found My New ♥ Sunblock!
It’s going to be in Malaysia very soon.
 Want to know more?
Stay tunned for product review on this new awesome sunblock!
 I got free samples to give too!


Sabrina said...

i use the matt sunscreen something2 from loreal and the biore face and body sunblock. but i always forget to use it in my routine i dont know why. hehe.... cool blog! followed!

WendyPua said...

Cant Wait for The SunBlock With Cooling Effect!

ZhengNorahs said...

Sabrina: Thanks for reading and following my blog. It is very important to apply sunblock before go to college or work to 'block" the scary UV rays. ;)

ZhengNorahs said...

Wendy: Yes, I'm so excited to share with you and the rest for this awesome sunblock! stay tuned! ;D

MeRy said...

wow..something new.....:)

You have a nice blog....

Sherry said...

Will great I can get free sample.try first then only buy as need know suit for skin of mine or not

ZhengNorahs said...

Mery: Yes, a new sunblock! Thank you for your support!

ZhengNorahs said...

Sherry: Stay tuned as I got free samples to give! :)

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