Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sungei Wang Plaza Spring/Summer Fashion Showcase 2012

I love April, a fashionable month with a lot of fashion shows around.
April, is the time of the year again when catwalks and colourful designs are being displayed, paraded and exhibited to attract everyone from young to old on the latest......
Spring Summer Fashion Showcase'12 
@ Sungei Wang Plaza.
10th April - 21st April 2012
Themed as Relieve the Summer Passion, Rediscover the Spring Essence, the showcase this year will feature:
  1. The Designer's Opening Gala Show
  2. Spring/Summer Fashion Shows
  3. Academy Fashion Showcases 
  4. Spring/Summer Beauty Fair
This year's Spring/Summer Fashion Showcase kicked start with the Runway 35 Designer's Gala Show featuring the designs of 35 renowned designers modelled by 35 models on 10th April 2012 @8pm.
This gala show was held in conjunction with the mall's 35th Anniversary Celebration and also in collboration with the Malaysian Official Designer's Association (MODA).
"The Runway 35 Designer's Gala Show is to promote the local designed outfits by Malaysian designers in hope that this will boost the fashion industry to draw more support and encouragement," said Mr KK Lim, Senior Manager of Promotions and Public Relations Department of Sungei Wang Plaza.
The 35 renowned designers participating in this gala show include Alvin Tay, Andy Yap, Ashley at Kapas, Beatrice Looi, Bill Keith, Carven Ong, Daniel Cho, Dennis Lee, Dominique Chan, Eric Choong, Gilbert Ng, Hideaki Lim, Jendela Batik, Joe Chia, Jonathan Cheng, Karl Ng, Keith Kee, Kenneth Hoong, Key Ng, Khoon Hooi, Lesli Variyan, Lester Wong, Meesha Sukira, Melinda Looi, Michael Ong, Nurita Harith, Nazlen Noor, Oscar Ng, Richard Tsen, Sonny San, Terrenz Soo, Venie Tee, Villiam Ooi, William Liew dan Zang Toi.
A group photo of Ms Gillian Hung, President MODA together with 35 renowned designers and their models after the successful fashion showcase.
Let's check out the programme for 
Sungei Wang Plaza Spring/Summer Fashion Showcase 2012!
The excitement doesn't end here as shoppers who purchase RM100 and above in accumulate receipts (on the same day) will be entitled to redeem 1 bottle of Mircoz Nail Polish worth RM 29.00 @Information Counter. There are over 100 units to be given away from 10th - 21 April 2012.
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