Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wow, new FB apps : Libresse Barometer!

Few days ago, I came across a very cute and fun app on Facebook. Once I signed up the apps, I can start to share my thoughts (according to the questions posted on that week) with other apps uses!

What’s this NEW & FUN app?
Libresse Barometer!

Basically this is a FB app that allow me to share my opinions online, to express my feelings, whether I’m happy, sad, moody or excited! Not only that, this is also a good platform for me to communicate with other youth through the weekly topic! This is app is cool right?

There will be a weekly topic with 3 questions being posted up every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. I can answer any question during that week as long as it is still in the same topic. 

Want to join me to discuss or share your thoughts on the topics? It's very simple and all you have to do is follow the below steps:

1.) Go to Libresse Facebook page  : And like the page before you can enjoy this fun app!
Click on “Libresse Barometer " tab on Homepage

Click “ENTER”

2.) Next, you’ll see the following:
Click “Go to App”
Loading the Libresse Barometer.

3.)   Next, I can express myself in 1, 2 or 3 ways!

I select an emoticon that best represents how I feel about this week’s topic.
I share my thoughts based on the related topic.
I recorded my voice and select an effect that I would like to have applied to it.

4.) Lastly, click “SHARE”! I share my thoughts on Libresse wall and my own wall on FB!
This is how it’s look like on my wall.

The question was “What’s make-up essential?”
My answer is 
“Well, my make-up essential is eyeliner.” ^-^
I’m looking forward to this Friday’s question!

Not only that, Libresse will give a little surprise to their user (3 winners per week) who has shared their thoughts via Libresse Barometer.

Libresse is looking for 3 users with:
  •  Most active participant (x1 per week)
  • Most interesting sentiments submitted (x2 per week)
So what are you waiting for?
Click HERE
and enjoy the Libresse Barometer!


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