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LUNASOL Crystal Radiant Purification Autumn 2012 Launch

As we all know, crystals reflect light and radiate a translucent glow. How I wish my skin looks beautifully glowing. ^-^
I was invited to experience Kanebo Lunasol Autumn 2012 Collection - Crystal Radiant Purification @The Royale Bintang Damansara. In this blog post, I'm focusing on the concept and the  collection of LUNASOL Crystal Purification Autumn 2012.
For this Autumn 2012, LUNASOL completed Purifying Makeup inspired by the splendor crystals possess and filled with an infinitely glossy luster.
Crystal Radiant Purification, which makes the skin and a woman's presence glow beautifully, will purify even your soul.

Now, I'm gonna introduce to you the Kanebo Lunasol Autumn 2012 Collection!

1.) Modelling Glossy Eyes (RM185) 

  • This is a four-color eye shadow set that includes the exceedingly pure luster of crystals and translucent autumn colors. 
Available in:
1.) 01 Icy Glow 
- For a sharp, mature impression with a translucent,, deep contrast.
2.) 02 Soft Khaki 
- Achieves an intelligent, sophisticated look with a smoky, cool green.
3.) 03 Mauve Pink
- Brings out a feminine look with a serene pink.
4.) 04 Warm Beige
- Creates a natural look on the eyes with warm color.
  • The newly-formulated Glossy Base contains a bounty of beauty essence ingredients that provide moisture to the eyelids while adding a dewy, smooth luster.
  • This eye shadow creates three-dimensionality and a clear depth on the eyes as the colors are layered on.
  • The depth can be easily adjusted by combining the four colors in different ways.
2.) Sheer Glossy Eyes (RM 90)
  • This is a limited-edition single-color eye shadow that bestows eyelids with clear colors and an extremely translucent and lustrous look.
  • Moist gel powder lightly spreads on the skin, meltingly blending and adhering to the skin.
  • Contains beauty essence ingredients that provide moisture to the eyelids while creating eyes filled with an exceedingly pure luster. 
  • Can use it as a single color application or by layering it over eye shadow.
Availabe in:
1.) EX01 Nuance Gray
- For a feminine yet cool look.
2.) EX02 Shiny Gold
- Brightens the eyelids with an elegant luster.
3.) EX03 Soft Brown
- Creates a feminine, natural depth with a warm color.
4.) EX04 Peach Beige
- Meltingly blends with the skin for a bright, natural impression.

3.) Full Glamour Lips (RM111)

  • This is a new lipstick that comfortably adheres to the lips with a meltingly smooth texture and it  lasts for hours. 
  • It contains a generous amount of beauty essence ingredients, which make the lips rounder and fuller, filled with luster and enveloped with moisture all day long.
  • Available in 8 color variations that perfectly match the skin tone.

4.) Coloring Cheeks (Glow) (RM90)
  • A new cheek color that creates a radiant, vibrant and healthy-looking complexion by blending three colors. 
  • It blends smoothly with a moist, soft texture and adds natural radiance and clarity to the skin with a clear coloration.
Available in:
1.) 01 Glow Pink 
- For feminine look with a soft, healthy-looking complexion that seems to radiate from within.
2.) 02 Glow Coral
- Blends with the skin to create a vibrant, fresh look.
 *Sold separately (already in market):

5.) Full Glamour Liquid Lips (RM104)
  • New colors from the popular LIQUID LIPS series that combines the coloration of lipstick with the luster of lip gloss. 
  • Bestows luster and clarity to the lips to create a plump, three-dimensional and moist-textured look.
  • It contains generous amount of beauty essence ingredients that continue to replenish lips, which are prone to dryness, with moisture.
Available in:
1.) 21 Milky Pink
- An airy pink, in which delicate sparkles are blended, adds a pure color to the lips.
2.) 22 Beige Coral
- A creamy coral hue that blends moistly with lips to bring out the skin's clarity.  

6.) Intellectual Liquid Eyeliner N (RM45)

  • A liquid eyeliner that draws professional-looking eye lines with a delicate touch. 
  • The long-lasting effect has been enhanced with the same smooth touch that is unique to a brush-pen-type eye liner. 
  • It blends with the skin and defines the eyes naturally.
  • Available in Brownish Black (01), Greenish Gray (02), Brownish Brown (03)
 *Sold separately:  
Intellectual Liquid Eyeliner (Holder) N, RM68

7.) Lip Shadow Liner N (RM50)
  • Basically this is an improved version of the Lunasol’s favourite cartridge-type lip liner.  
  • This lip liner that draws beautiful lip lines with a smooth touch. 
  • Comfortable adheres to the skin and stays on, which allows the lines stay for a long time, looking as fresh as when first drawn. 
  • This lip liner can be used together with any type of lipstick as it naturally melts onto the lips.
  • Available in: Natural (01), Beige Pink (02), Beige Coral (03), Red Beige (04)

 *Sold separately:  
Lip Shadow Liner (Holder) N, RM50

8.) Nail Finish N (RM56)

  • New colors for NAIL FINISH that add autumn colors to the fingertips.
  • Features 2 limited colors that bring out the world of Crystal Radiant Purification and two basic colors that make the hands and the skin look beautiful. 
  • All colors come in a smooth texture and impact a vivid color with a single application.
  • Dries quickly and maintains a beautiful finish for days.
Available in:
07 cool Beige
- For a chic, sophisticated look.
08 Pearlish Pink
- Delicate pearls create an elegant impression.
EX05 Shining White
- Reflects light and sparkles in various colours.
EX06 Deep Red
- For a dramatic look with a shimmering glow.
During this launch event, all the invited media were pampered with makeover, manicure and tarot card reading. I'll share with you my makeover experience with LUNASOL Crystal Radiant Purification Autumn 2012 Collection in my coming blog post.

Can't get enough of the 
LUNASOL Crystal Radiant Purification Autumn 2012 Collection?  
No worries, you can check out the LUNASOL Crystal Purification Autumn 2012 Collection Roadshows at the following malls:
10 – 17 September 2012 
@One Utama Shopping Mall 
(LG Highstreet, next to Customer Service) 

 10 – 16 September 2012 
@South Court, Mid Valley

12 – 18 September 2012 
@GF Promo Area, Gurney Plaza 

 10 – 16 September 2012 
 @AEON Tebrau City

 24 – 30 September 2012 
@Center Court B, The Spring Kuching

1 – 7 October 2012 
@Mahkota Parade 

 8 – 14 October 2012 
@KLCC (GF, near Center Court)

for more info.


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