Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Review: WATER SHOCK Refreshing Foam Cleanser (WATER SHOCK Nettoyant Mousse Fraicheur)

WATER, all living things can't live without water. Our earth has 70% of its surface area covered with water. Water is the essential of life. Our survival depends on it. Therefore, it is no wonder that Swiss line has turned their attention to the ethereal fluid and attained WATER SHOCK!
Recently, I received two products from Swiss line. They are the brand new range from Swiss line ~WATER SHOCK~. This range has launched in the summer of 2012.
The inaugural products of the WATER SHOCK range consist of five products: 2 cleansers, 2 toners and an eye makeup remover. 
They are:
1.) Comforting Emulsion Cleanser for Face & Eyes
2.) Refreshing Foam Cleanser (which I am gonna share with you in this blog post)
3.) Soothing Lotion (I'll share it my new blog post)
4.) Purifying Toner
5.) Bi-Phase Eye Makeup Remover for Eyes & Lips
The WATER SHOCK Refreshing Foam Cleanser or also known as WATER SHOCK  Nettoyant Mousse Fraicheur. This is a foam cleanser that has deep-cleansing effect to removes make-up, urban impurities and excessive surface oil. 
The benefits of WATER SHOCK Refreshing Foam Cleanse:
  • Detoxifies and decongests the skin while regulating moisture balance. 
  • Vitamin C brighten the skin, while proteolytic enzymes promote natural exfoliation. 
  • Betaine, a plant-based sugar deeply moisturizes.
The WATER SHOCK Refreshing Foam Cleanser comes in a size of 120ml. This foam cleanser is recommended for all skin types, except very dry skin. 
The ingredients:
1.) Alpine “Wild Water
This skin-friendly water contains precious minerals like Calcium and Magnesium which strengthen and boost skin’s metabolism while detoxifying it.  The pure, clean Swiss Alpine "Wild Water"is ideal for all skin types.
2.)Watercress Extract
Rich in Sulforaphane. Watercress extract helps to detoxify the skin while regulating moisture balance and producing a purified, glowing healthy complexion.
This plant-based sugar deeply moisturizes the skin while compensating for the drying effects of harsh tap water.
4.)Lychee Extracts
Extracts from both the peel and the pulp provide an infusion of Vitamin C to brighten the skin, while Proteolytic enzymes promote natural exfoliation.
The gel foam cleanser has a very watery consistency and I have to be careful when pouring it out. I usually shake the soft-tube of foam cleanser before using it.
The berry red colour of WATER SHOCK Refreshing Foam Cleanser.
How I use the WATER SHOCK Refreshing Foam Cleanser:
First, I wash my hands and moisten the face. Next, I pour sufficient amount of the gel onto the wet palm of my hand, work into a foam and then apply onto my moist skin of the face. Of course, I always avoid the eye area. What I usually do when cleansing my face is I'll do a light massage before rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and blot lot dry. 
I'll remove my makeup with my usual makeup remover before using this foam cleanser. I always double cleanse my face in the evening because I have applied sunblock + BB Cream/Liquid Foundation/Two-way cake in the  morning.
Like it's name, my skin feel refreshing and moisturizing after cleansing my face. I have been using the WATER SHOCK Refreshing Foam Cleanser for about a month and it actually helps to regulate my face's oil secretion. My face become less oily and my makeup actually stay on longer. My skin look more radiant, smoother and supple. I really like this cleanser because it helps to balance my skin moisture. However, this foam cleanser is retailed at quite a high price, RM168 for 120ml but it's worth to own one! 

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