Monday, June 11, 2012

An Innovative New Facebook App “The PUMA Social Dream Team” by PUMA

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I'm back for blogging! Today I wanna share with you a cool and fun FB App by PUMA.
PUMA believes that every great night out is made possible by Social Teammates, with every Teammate playing a different role that bonds the team and makes them unique. How can the team survive without the Hungry Man leading the pack to a new place to grab a bite? Who can anyone we turn to if the Cheerleader is not around to lift spirits on a bad day? And, who leads the group and ensure a fantastic night out without the Captain?
To celebrate the launch of its Spring-Summer 2012 collection, PUMA® has created a fun new Facebook app, “The PUMA Social Dream Team” that helps discover the role you and your friends play in a Social team.

To begin, the user will need to click on, before going to a dashboard that will allow him choose a series of different functions. 
The "Analyze Me" function identifies the user's team role based on the social activities he's logged in facebook in the past months. A special Polaroid photo using the user's profile photo is generated together with their social trait. The user automatically becomes the Captain of the PUMA Social Dream Team.
 ZhengNorahs is the Captain of the PUMA Social Dream Team!
The user can also be The Captain of their very own Social Dream Team. There are six social activities to choose from, each with different Teammate roles to be filled.

1.) There's the Gig Night
  • where the team partakes in a night of rockin' good music or artsy flair.
2.) The Night on the Town
  • where hanging out at the usual club leads to an impromptu pub crawl.
3.) The Big Feast
  • where the team indulges at the latest dinner spot with consequent snapshots of food porn.
4.) Ten Pin Action
  • where the team plays good ol‟ bowling or any team game.
5.) Bar Games
  • darts and pingpong action that makes the bar a more interesting place.
6.) Karaoke Night
  • where each teammate gets 3 minutes of fame.
In every activity, each of the Captain’s friend's team role is identified based on social activities they've logged in the past few months and every role is matched with the perfect PUMA Social product like the Bolt Lite Lo and the classic PUMA Suede. 
For instance, in the Gig Night, a friend may be the team's Rock Star because he's the music expert; 
or the Celebrity because he's in every popular event's VIP list. 
On the other hand, in the Big Feast, a friend may be the Food Snapper because he takes photos of all the food and instantly uploads it on facebook or the Blah Blah Blah because he always has something to say. 
And all the findings are wrapped up in team photos and neat little infographic maps that can be instantly shared.
This are my teams:
To promote the PUMA Social Dream Team app, a series of interactive team mate photo booths located at key areas within Kuala Lumpur will be made available to consumers.

PUMA Store in Suria KLCC 
  • 2 June till 13 June 2012
Beer Factory, Sunway Giza  
  •  8 June till 14 June 2012
 Whilst consumers are able to their self analysis anywhere, anytime, as long as they have a computer and access to the internet, those who may have forgotten will get the opportunity to do so at the photo booths provided. After all, photo taking is one of the most common social activities that consumers enjoy as it helps store memories of activities done in the past.
“With this campaign, we aim to help consumers exit their niche social borders to socialise with other likeminded people they have never socialised with. As we embark on this social arena for the third time, we believe everyone can benefit from being in a social group-type setting, celebrating and having fun together; after all, fun is always best shared with friends, or with likeminded individuals,” says Gabriel Yap, Head of Marketing, PUMA Malaysia.

The PUMA Social Dream Team app is a new and fun way to discover the roles everyone plays in their Social team. It makes for good laughs and great sharing. After all, who doesn‟t want to know what type of Teammate they and their friends are?

For more information about the PUMA Social Dream Team app, 
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