Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Product Review: Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks #625 Are You red-Dy & #415 Plum-Tastic

I'm always looking for a lip colour that gives sensational, sexy and striking when I'm wearing it! We know that one of the powerful and must have in our makeup pouch or handbag is no other than ------> LIPSTICK! 
LIPSTICK is like our instant confidence booster! Although I have sensitive lips but I still want to apply lipstick when I'm going to party and events! ^-^
Today I'm gonna share with you my new favourite lipstick from Maybelline ~ Color Sensational ~.
 Maybelline Color Sensational 
#625 Are You red-Dy & #415 Plum-Tastic
The NEW Maybelline New York Color Sensational lipsticks comes in a range of 16 shade.s This range of lipsticks has unique formula and nourishing ingredients. Therefore, it is richer and give lips a color that is truer for any skin tone. All these is thanks to the pure undiluted pigments in the lipsticks.
The four prime lip colors are
 red, pink, brown and purple
Color Sensational lipsticks come in six elegant pink shades, one plush purple shade, five red-hot shades and four uninhibited brown shades.
 With Color Control System
  • Color Sensational contains a patented polymer that seals these crystal-pure pigments onto lips to create a flexible film that controls the movement of color on your lips. 
  • The result is a no-feathering zone all day long so lip color stays strong and bold from AM to PM. 
With Pigment Highlighting Technology
  • a blend of ultra-shiny oils that brings out the color brilliance of its pigment
  • creating a color effect that is striking, multi-dimensional and shiny! 
  • No more dull and flat color for our lips but embrace a lip color that gives full coverage that is intense and brilliant.
The ingredients......
The NEW Maybelline New York Color Sensational lipsticks contains nourishing ingredients that can give lips  the creamiest and softest treatment. 
 3 natural moisturizing ingredients:
1.) Honey nectar
  • a good source of anti-oxidants and minerals
  • smoothens lip surface with its rich and luxurious texture
2.)  Emollient waxes 
  • melt on contact to provide lips with a protective barrier against tightness and dryness.
3.) Vitamin E
  • the most popular anti-oxidant ingredient
  • is beneficial towards protecting lip’s lipid layer
  • preventing moisture loss.
The #625 Are You red-Dy is a fresh and bright red color. If you like RED and this is definitely a fabulous colour for you.
The #415 Plum-Tastic looks a bit dark in the photos but this is another colour that really surprise me when I apply it on my lips.
The texture of Maybelline Color Sensational #625 Are You red-Dy & #415 Plum-Tastic are quite creamy and smooth. This make it easy to apply on my lips. They are very pigmented and gave a bright & shine colour on my skin.
Let's see the colors of Maybelline Color Sensational #625 Are You red-Dy & #415 Plum-Tastic when they are applying on my lips!

 I was surprised to see the #415 Plum-Tastic that looks a bit dark in the photos turns out to be a bright and sweet colour on my lips! :) Of course, the #625 Are You red-Dy is always the outstanding and seductive colour on my lips. They are moisturizing and the color also stay long on my lips. I notice this range of lipstick also give a fuller dimension for my lips, what do think? :)
In this photo, I'm using Maybelline New York Color Sensational lipstick #625 Are You Red-Dy & Maybelline Clear Smooth B.B White (Product review coming up soon!). Photo was taken using my phone and it's a bit not clear.
Product Rating: 4/5
Where to purchase: Available at all Maybelline New York counters nationwide.
Price: RM29.90 for 4.2g 
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My favourite lipstick is Are You red-Dy!! Been wearing them for a whileeee!

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ahh!! plumtastic looks good. I've been eyeing that for quite some time now.

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Love it too :D

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thats good review! thanks for sharing :D

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