Monday, April 8, 2013

A Saturday Afternoon with Mitsubishi Electric

Refrigerator or fridge is an important electric appliance in our daily life. By storing our food in the refrigerator, our food and drinks stay fresh and chilled! Recently, the renowned electronic devices and home appliances brand, Mitsubishi Electric has revealed the first French Door Refrigerator, L4Grande

I spent my afternoon at Melco Sales Malaysia (ME) head office and I had a chance to tour around at their show room.

The sharing session start with the pretty and handsome hosts. They welcome us to this sharing session and an short introduction about the Large French Door Refrigerator, L4 Grande before the product presentation by Ms. Kenix, Assistant Product Manager.

L4 Grande -product presentation Ms. Kenix, Assistant Product Manager.

The L4 Grande:

  • comes with 4 doors for ease of access featuring luxury handle round bar.
  • Vitamin Factory which keeps vegetables stay fresher for longer time of storage.
  • A humidity control feature helps fruits and vegetables stay fresher and crisper longer period
  •  The adjustable door pocket can accommodate more different shapes and sizes of items.

The new L4 Grande featuring:

  • Big Capacity
  • Easy to Use
  • Tasty & Healthy
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Luxury Design

Big Capcity
One the new L4 Grande is opened, you can clearly see it’s large capacity. This refrigerator has an unique design that allow us to store a multitude of items. There is an also sized compartment

a.) Refrigerator Room
  b.) Vegetable Room

c.) Freezing Room

This refrigerator can allow for more storage including the odd bigger items and this can help to lesser grocery shopping trips.

Easy to Use
What I like about this new L4 Grande is its stylish, comfort design and the variety sizes of utility case. The utility room is set at around 3-6° and the case is ideal for storing and prolonging the freshness of fresh meats, dairy products and also for canned and bottled beverages. The plus point is the variety of sizes for the utility case allows storage of different sizes of food.
 Tasty & Healthy

What impressed me was the new French Door Refrigerator. L4 Grande has a designed to provide natural stimulants to keep vegetables fresh by 2 ways: 

  • Used of LED sunlight – as a natural source of sunlight, nurturing the Photosynthesis process in the vegetables.

  •  The presence of humidity control – to keep humid levels at an optimum range.  

    Energy Efficiency

    This is an environmentally friendly refrigerator!
    The new Mitsubishi Electric French Door Refrigerator, L4 Grande has Eco Mode to lowers energy consumption during non-peak hours and it has a Scene Adjusted Control too!

The Scene Adjusted Control which memories the household’s usage patterns that occur through various timeframes. It has an alarm system to alert users when the door is opened for too long which is more than one minute.
 Luxury Design

Mitsubishi Electric French Door Refrigerator, L4Grande is a luxury, unique and stylish refrigerator. It comes in two tone colours which are stainless steel and diamond black. Perfectly match with kitchen and other furniture.

Here is the Mitsubishi L4Grande Specification

There was a mini game for us after the product presentation. After we filled in all the items into the L4 Grande, the L4 Grande still has plenty of space! Wow, the L4Grande is really spacious!

I had a fun afternoon at L4Grande sharing session. I fall in love with this new fridge! I hope to bring it home and with it I can store my favourite ice-cream, yogurt, cheese ect. My life gonna be great if I own L4Grande at home.


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